March 14

Jamey Johnson Covers A Keith Whitley Posthumous Single

Jamey Johnson’s Version

Jamey Johnson honors Keith Whitley during one of Country Road TV’s episodes. He performed Whitley’s single “I Wonder Do You Think of Me.” Johnson kept the original version of Whitley, but of course, didn’t forget to incorporate his own style.

Here’s Jamey Johnson rocking Keith Whitley’s song “I Wonder Do You Think of Me.”

Keith Whitley’s “I Wonder Do You Think Me”

“I Wonder Do You Think of Me” was a song penned by Sanger D. Shafer in 1989. Whitley recorded this single on the same year and included it on his same-titled album. The song earned Whitley, another number one on the Billboard chart, making this his fourth number one. Sadly, this was released only after his death together with his album.

Posthumous Album

Three months after Whitley’s death, his record label released an album of his. I Wonder Do You Think of Me became his first posthumous album, and it placed at number two on the Billboard country chart. Furthermore, it was able to score a spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

keith whitley i wonder do you think of me jamey johnson
Photo Credit: Keith Whitley/ Waring Abbott/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

About the Song

“I Wonder Do You Think of Me” tells the story of the narrator who reminisces his past lover. He wonders how it makes her feel every time she passes by the old places they have been. He wonders if she still loves him because he knew he’s still in love with her.

I can tell you that I’ve never
Felt like that since
I don’t know if you would
But I’d go back if I could
I wonder do you think of me
I still love you
Do you think of me

Other Posthumous Songs on the Chart

The album produced not only one top-performing song. Two more singles were released from the album, and it both entered the top ten of the country chart. “It Ain’t Nothin'” placed at number one on the chart, and “I’m Over You” reached number three.


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