February 2, 2023

A Hero’s Tale of “Little Joe” By Red Sovine

Red Sovine’s song “Little Joe” was released in 1976. It was written by Sovine as a follow-up to his biggest hit song, “Teddy Bear,” and presented as a classic instrumental with narration rather than traditional singing. It is a heroic tale of “Little Joe,” a man’s best friend, the canine hero who saves his owner’s life. Sovine’s clear and impressive storytelling ability will indeed bring you to tears in this. Although the song never made it into any of the Hot Country Songs Top 40 like “Teddy Bear,” “Little Joe” is a song loved by Sovine’s listeners.

Meaning Behind The Song

“Little Joe” by Red Sovine is a song about how we should be thankful for our pets because they love us unconditionally. The songs of Red Sovine’s wholesome and masterful portrayal of different tales would also talk about the undying sacrifice our pets are willing to make for us. The trucker, also the owner of Little Joe, was in an accident because of a bad storm that caused another driver to almost hit him, which drove the trucker to crash his truck into a mountain. When he finally awakens, he sees Little Joe dragging him away from the burning truck. The driver goes blind due to the accident. When he reunites with Little Joe, the dog wears a collar with a handle, indicating that he will be his service dog. 

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The song goes into a story that will make you feel the love Little Joe feels for his owner. His selfless acts are done because he cares for his owner and wants to help him in any way he can. This song represents the many dogs that would do the same selfless act for their owners.

Listen to Red Sovine’s masterful narration of a beautiful song, “Little Joe,” below.


Red Sovine

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