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Red Sovine

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10 nostalgic Country songs

10 Nostalgic Country Songs To Take You Back To Your Life’s Special Moments

Isn’t it amazing how nostalgic country songs capture precious moments in their lyrics and combine them with a melody that never fails to get right into your guts?

Little Joe , Red Sovine

A Hero’s Tale of “Little Joe” By Red Sovine

A man's best friend is a dog, and unconditional love takes the form of a furry dog in Red Sovine's "Little Joe."

Giddyup Go + Red Sovine

Red Sovine Sings About A Trucker’s Poignant Story In “Giddyup Go”

Red Sovine scored his second No. 1 hit in 1966 with the song “Giddyup Go.” The recitation pays tribute to the American truck driver.

Red Sovine's "Teddy Bear" Is One of The Saddest Country Songs of All Time

Why Teddy Bear by Red Sovine Will Leave You in Tears 

This another hit from ’76 was written by Red Sovine with Billy Joe Burnnette, Tommy Hill and Dale Royal. This sad spoken-word is about a crippled boy.

Remember Red Sovine's "Roses for Mama? "

Lessons From Red Sovine’s “Roses For Mama”

This Roses for Mama by Red Sovine will pull your heartstrings. A song narration about a carefree man and a boy on the day of both their mama’s birthday.

Red Sovine Songs

Travel Time To Country Trucker Music With Top 10 Red Sovine Songs

Experience the nostalgia of country trucker music with Red Sovine Songs.

Red Sovine Facts

Remembering Red Sovine: 7 Fast Facts About His Life and Legacy

It is a fact that American country music artist Red Sovine is known for his songs about truck driving, especially those that are spoken as stories but are set to music.

Creepy Country Songs

Check Out These Creepy Country Songs For Your Knee-Trembling Playlist

Halloween is just around the corner, and nothing is much scarier than the best creepy country songs playing all through the night.