January 18

Do You Remember the 1966 Hit “Giddyup Go” Sung by Red Sovine?

Fifty-three years ago today, country singer/songwriter Red Sovine’s “Giddyup Go” topped the country music chart. It gave him his second No. 1 song and his first big truck-driving hit. The song was also considered his breakthrough in the truck-driving niche as it marked his first appearance on the chart after nine years of absence. Moreover, “Giddyup Go” was Sovine’s first release as a solo artist under his new label Starday Records. The song, which served as the title track to his album of the same name, was released in October 1965. It climbed up the chart until it reached the highest spot in January of the following year. The song’s dominance atop the chart lasted until the next month of that same year, totaling to six weeks.  

Do You Remember the 1966 Hit "Giddyup Go" Sung by Red Sovine? 1
Photo credit: Red Sovine/Official Facebook Fan Page

Story of the Song

“Giddyup Go” is a recitation song intended to pay respect to a truck driver. The song narrates a tale of an emotional father-son reunion. The poignant meeting, which was played out toward the end of the song, took place at a highway truck stop.

“Giddyup Go” was the name given to a truck by its driver. It was inspired by his son’s rubbish attempt to greet him while driving the truck. His job as a truck driver prevented him from spending more time with his family. This led to the spiraling of his wife’s stress level, only to find out one day that his wife and son were already gone. They left him without a word and contact information. As a result, he had spent the next years of his life on the road, only with his truck. During those years, it has become the driver’s routine to explain to his fellow truck drivers the story behind his truck’s nameplate, “Giddyup Go.” He said that it’s the only thing that linked him to his son.  

The Emotional Reunion

While he was traveling along U.S. Highway 66, the truck driver spots a new diesel rig bearing a nameplate that reads “Giddyup Go.” That caught his attention and suddenly, he felt that somehow he has a connection with its driver. Finally, the two drivers had the chance to meet at the next truck stop.

As they were having a discussion, the younger driver mentioned that his mother had died and lost connection with his dad. Moreover, he explained the origin of his “Giddyup Go” truck, disclosing that his father once owned a rig with such nameplate and that’s where he got it. At this point, the elder driver is convinced that the person he’s talking to is no other than his long lost son. He went on to reveal their connection, showing him the same nameplate of his truck.

Well, you know what happens next. The two men became emotional after realizing they are father and son who finally reunites after a long time.

Listen to Red Sovine’s second No. 1 hit, “Giddyup Go,” below.



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