March 17

‘When God Paints’ by Alan Jackson Touches Soul of Listeners

If you’re looking for a Christian song, you should try listening to ‘When God Paints’ by Alan Jackson. It’s no doubt the man who loves to blend traditional with mainstream country sounds is big on religion. He has released two gospel albums throughout his entire career. It’s one of the religious country songs that are easy to listen to, which hook listeners as a go-to Christian song.

Expressing Jackson’s Christian Belief

The country superstar shared why he releases albums about his Christian beliefs. Jackson said that his views and expressing his faith are very important for him. It has always been part of his music, dating back to the start of his career.

With country music, the veteran singer believed that it has helped him spread his faith. He thought that songs about it make us connected to church and God. And that’s one attraction he always had with country music.

It’s not only Alan Jackson who’s committed to creating Christian music using the Country genre. Hank Williams Sr., Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash also wrote and recorded religious songs.

Heart-melting Lyrics

‘When God Paints’ touches the hearts of listeners because of its meaningful message. Lyrics like “When God paints / The heartbeats, a life begins” resonates within the soul. Some fans interpret the first verse as God always want the best for us. He makes sure that all details of our lives are perfect. 

Moreover, the chorus talks about how we forgot to appreciate when life gets tough. The lyrics remind us to be thankful every day for our life. It’s like a subtle reminder to think positive amidst the challenges. There will be a bigger picture that we need to overcome.

‘When God Paints’ by Alan Jackson is a metaphor explaining how God is an artist. Everything he created is a masterpiece, including us. With different unique perceptions, black color looks gray to some. The song also shares how there are things we don’t understand, and that’s okay. At the end of the day, we’re here for a more significant purpose that’s ours.

If you need a song that can touch your soul, listen to ‘When God Paints’ below.


Alan Jackson

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