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Here are The Band Perry Songs You Can Enjoy Over and Over Again

Bringing together country, pop, and rock elements into a sharp contemporary sound, The Band Perry songs are absolutely some of the unforgettable pieces that will be of influence to many for years to come.

Composed by siblings Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry – the family trio had been singing together since their childhood years in Alabama. But in 2005, the three officially joined forces as a working band and eventually caught Nashville’s attention.

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They made quite an impact and are one of the hottest country acts in the world right now. So, let’s take a look at some of The Band Perry‘s greatest hits ever released.

1. “If I Die Young “

From: The Band Perry (2010)

One of The Band Perry’s best qualities is how they make it possible for you to acknowledge your emotions – especially the painful ones. Written by Kimberly Perry, “If I Die Young” is a tragic song of life gone too soon. 

But if you listen closely, you’ll realize that it’s actually a beautiful encouragement to live life to its very fullest, no matter how long or short it may be.

2. “Postcard From Paris”

From: The Band Perry (2010)

The love song comes with a brilliant lyric performed with honesty and familiarity that hits listeners directly between the eyes. It actually tells the story of a woman running into his ex-lover, which triggered a flood of emotions.

3. “DONE.” 

From: Pioneer (2013)

Capitalized and with a period at the end, the song’s title is meant to be a statement that should not be misunderstood. The country ballad is about a woman that gives her all in a relationship, while her lover is just taking and not giving in return. But she’s had enough that now she’s done with him, and there’s no turning back.

4. “Better Dig Two”

From: Pioneer (2013)

Written by two of Nashville’s most prolific songwriters, Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen, The Band Perry earned their third No. 1 country hit courtesy of “Better Dig Two” – which finds Kimberly singing of her undying love for her husband.

5. “Chainsaw”

From: Pioneer (2013)

Perhaps The Band Perry’s catchiest song so far, the rollicking kiss-off song brought a fresh angle to a woman-gone-wild after her lover abandoned her. She actually went as far as chopping down a tree that bears the carving of a heart and their initials. 

6. “Hip To My Heart”

From: The Band Perry (2010)

The Band Perry showcased how unique they can be in “Hip To My Heart,” which gets more and more infectious with each and every listen. There’s no surprise when it charted all the way to the top 20 of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

7. “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” 

From: Pioneer (2013)

After releasing heavily sappy songs that could strum your emotional heartstrings, the trio decided to soften things up and showcase their vulnerable side in a song that finds Kimberly yearning to break free.

The song peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart while No. 9 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

8. “You Lie”

From: The Band Perry (2010)

The upbeat, acoustic-guitar anchored anthem got the most thorough list of metaphors you can use to call somebody a liar. Not only did the dead-beat boyfriend was compared to “a priceless Persian rug on a rich man’s floor,” but also to “a penny in the parking lot at the grocery store.”

9. “All Your Life”

From: The Band Perry (2010)

What makes “All Your Life” unique is how it started as a sweet love song but ended up as a sweeter tune about unrequited love. It became the trio’s second No. 1 single on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

10. “Pioneer”

From: Pioneer (2013)

Don’t you just hate those times when you’re whisking towards the future, and you don’t have any idea how to get there? The Band Perry totally gets you. In fact, they explained that the song title is an ode to those who set foot “into the unknown.”

11. “Gentle on My Mind”

From: Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me Soundtrack (2014)

Though there are only a few artists who can come near to Campbell’s originality and cleverness, The Band Perry proved that they are a top-notch trio in their rendition of “Gentle on My Mind.”

12. “Mother Like Mine”

From: Pioneer (2013)

Inspired by the trio’s mother, Marie, the heartfelt tune of “Mother Like Mine” gave us a glimpse of how fantastic mom she is as the siblings singing what the world would like if only their mother had raised it the way she raised them.

13. “Forever Mine Nevermind”

From: Pioneer (2013)

The moment you listen to this song, you’ll definitely find yourself stomping your feet as Kimberly sings about the trust she once had for her boyfriend.

14. “Double Heart”

From: The Band Perry (2010)

Written by the trio along with Nashville songwriter Brett Beavers, “Double Heart” finds Kimberly Perry singing about getting away from a possessive lover.

15. “Comeback Kid”

Released as a single

After some radio silence, the trio released “Comeback Kid” as an account of all the pain they felt from all the negativity they received at that time – yet they’re not refusing to give up after such a rough situation. 

The Band Perry Songs You Must Listen Right Now

Indeed, the momentum just seems to keep growing and growing for this talented sibling trio. Here are some more of the band’s songs that you can enjoy over and over again.

  • “Back To Me Without You”
  • “End Of Time” 
  • “Forever Mine Never” 
  • “I Saw A Light” 
  • “I’m a Keeper”
  • “Independence” 
  • “Lasso”
  • “Live Forever”
  • “Walk Me Down the Middle”
  • “Night Gone Wasted”

The Band Perry songs are truly a treat to fans.


The Band Perry

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