July 24

Luke Bryan Celebrates His 43rd Birthday by Fishing with His Sons

Birthdays are celebrated once in a year. Thus, it is one of the special events that happen in our life. As we get older, we tend to appreciate little things that come into our lives more. We tend to choose to have simple celebrations, like birthdays, rather than having a fancy one. It is not about the money spent that counts, but the memories shared with our family as we celebrate our birthday. Can you imagine one of the biggest names in country music, having a simple celebration on his birthday? Well, imagine no more because, in this article, I will be talking about Luke Bryan’s 43rd birthday celebration.

Luke Bryan: The Birthday Boy

Luke Bryan's birthday
Via Luke Bryan’s Official Facebook Page

Born in July 17, 1976. Son of LeClaire and Rommy Bryan. Bryan’s real name is Thomas Luther Bryan, and Luke is his nickname. He is one of those successful musical artists in the world of country music. He released numerous albums that entered country charts and won major awards. Thus, his album and singles released had sold over millions of copies worldwide.

Luke Bryan and Caroline
Via countryliving.com

Bryan is married to Caroline Boyer in December 2006, and have two sons, Thomas Boyer Bryan and Tatum Christopher Bryan.

Last 17th of July, he celebrated his birthday by fishing with his sons. He had uploaded a photo on his Instagram account and captioned it as:

“No better place than Orange Beach to celebrate my birthday week for a couple of days”

Luke also shared a collage of his sons with the fishes they had caught.

Of course, his wife did not let us down with her heartfelt greeting to his beloved husband. She said,

“Roses are red, violets are pleasant, you have everythingso you get no present! Happy birthday Love Bug!!! I love you to the moon and back. Here’s to another year of completely random, classy pictures.”

Here’s Luke Bryan’s latest song released:

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Luke Bryan

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