September 19

Son uses a Kenny Chesney Song as a Tribute to His Father who has Alzheimer’s

This inspiring video will totally make you cry especially when you have a close relationship with your father. In this clip, a journey of a Father who is battling with Alzheimer’s was taken by his son with the accompaniment of a Kenny Chesney song. The track is titled “While He Still Knows Who I Am” and it delivers an emotional message especially to those who have Alzheimer’s.

kenny chesney, alzheimer's
via YouTube

A Son’s Tribute to his Father

The tribute video was almost like a carpool karaoke between a father and his son. They were on their car going somewhere and Kenny Chesney’s song was playing on the background. The son was mouthing the words but you can see the sadness in his eyes as he realized that his father may not be the same again.

It was such a sweet and inspiring video because the son is captured in his sweet moments with his father. The video showed that he is a supportive and loving son and that no matter what happens, he will always stay by his father’s side.

kenny chesney, alzheimer's
via YouTube

Lyrics Breakdown

Instead of just shaking hands
Gonna tell him that I love him
While he still knows

Our parents have sacrificed so much for us and it is only right that we give back the same amount of love that they gave us. However, time is not something that we can control so we should take every moment to thank them and show them our love. Just like in this video, the son spent his time to really bond with his parents especially with his father.

This Kenny Chesney track is a perfect song to remind us that we must treasure each moment with our parents. They may forget us due to their illness but this does not change the fact that they raised us into who we are today. Now go and hug your parents, tell them those three sweet words.

Watch the tribute here using Kenny Chesney’s Song:


Kenny Chesney

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