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Kenny Chesney + You Had Me From Hello

Jerry Maguire film inspires Kenny Chesney’s slow-brewing ballad “You Had Me from Hello”

Jerry Maguire's iconic line to Dorothy Boyd inspired Kenny Chesney’s hit single “You Had Me from Hello.” 

Kenny Chesney Gay Rumors

Kenny Chesney’s Gay Rumors: Is There Truth To Them?

Gay rumors followed Kenny Chesney after his annulment from his four-month marriage with actress Renée Zellweger. Are they true? Let’s find out. 

Kenny Chesney's early support led Taylor Swift to stardom

Taylor Swift Revealed That Kenny Chesney’s Early Support Fueled Her Dreams

In her cover story as TIME magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year, Taylor Swift shared that Kenny Chesney was instrumental in her career.

5 Country Songs About Football

Five Country Songs About Football For Every Die-Hard Football Fan

We’ve gathered some of the best country songs about football that would provide the perfect soundtrack as you cheer on your team.

18 Country songs about money

18 Country Songs About Money and Wealth That Will Keep You Motivated and Inspired 

Here are some of the most popular country songs about money to inspire you to overcome whatever financial hardships you face or simply jam out.

15 country songs about life

15 Soulful, Meaningful, and Deep Country Songs About Life

There are so many country songs about life that deliver nuggets of wisdom and speak through our hearts, reminding us that life can be a beautiful journey or a crazy ride.

10 country songs about living life to the fullest

10 Country Songs About Living Life To The Fullest And Enjoy Each Day

If you want to live your life better but are unsure where to begin, why don’t you try blasting your speakers with these country songs about living life to the fullest?

15 country songs about america

15 Country Songs About America That Will Put You In A Patriotic Spirit 

Everything sacrificed for our liberty is worth celebrating. So, here are the best country songs about America to spark a sense of pride in our wonderful country.

25 country songs about summer

25 Country Songs About Summer That Will Keep Your Days Even Warmer

What's a better way to enjoy the warm season than to turn up the volume and take a breather with all the amazing country songs about summer?

13 Best Country Songs About Unexpected Love

13 Best Country Songs About Unexpected Love 

Are you looking for the best country songs about unexpected love? Well, don’t fret – we got you covered! Here are some of the best tracks that perfectly describe what you feel.

15 Uplifting Country Songs to Add to Your Positive Vibes Playlist

15 Uplifting Country Songs to Add to Your Positive Vibes Playlist

Having a bad stressful day is a normal thing. And with a touch of music, everything would be different. So here are 15 Uplifting country songs that will get you in the mood.

Top 10 Most Hottest Country Music Men

Top 10 Hottest Country Music Men

Artists of the old and new generations will grace this list of the 10 hottest country music men singers, but this time, it's more than just the looks.

Kenny Chesney just announced his 2023 “I Go Back Tour.”

Kenny Chesney Just Announced I Go Back Tour Beginning March 2023

Great news to all country fans out there! Country superstar Kenny Chesney is going on tour in 2023 –back to his roots in the I Go Back Tour!

That Lucky Old Sun - Kenny Chesney and willie nelson

What “That Lucky Old Sun” by Kenny Chesney Says On Hard Work

The classic song “That Lucky Old Sun” was covered by Kenny Chesney and Willie Nelson. The song was included on Chesney’s album Lucky Old Sun.

30 Best country karaoke

30 Country Karaoke Duets Of All Time That You Can Sing With Anyone

Grab the microphone right now, pull a friend or your partner, or even a stranger, and sing your hearts out with these 30 country karaoke duets.

Kenny Chesney “Devastated” After Fan Falls To Her Death Following Concert

Kenny Chesney Is Grieving For The Accidental Death of A Concertgoer in Denver, Colorado

Kenny Chesney said he's "devastated" as he mourns for the death of one fan, whom the police said died after she fell from an escalator following the singer's concert in Denver, Colorado.

Kenny Chesney & Kid Rock Come Together To Honor Waylon Jennings With “Luckenbach, Texas”

Listen to Kenny Chesney And Kid Rock’s Epic Team Up For Waylon Jennings’ “Luckenbach, Texas”

Kenny Chesney and Kid Rock teamed up for "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)," and it's the most epic country-rock collaboration you'll hear.

top 40 country songs for March 2022

Here Are The Top 40 Country Songs for March 2022 That You Need To Check Out

The men of Nashville like Jordan Davis, Luke Bryan, Walker Hayes, Kane Brown, and Jason Aldean are still dominating the top 40 country songs for March 2022.

Throwback to Kenny Chesney And Gretchen Wilson’s “Hurt So Good” Steamy Duet

Kenny Chesney and Gretchen Wilson teamed up for a fiery performance of “Hurts So Good.” The song was originally recorded by John Mellencamp in 1982.

10 Country Songs Inspired By Kids

10 Country Songs Inspired By Kids That’s Perfect Upon The Arrival of Your Bundle of Joy

These country songs inspired by kids will make you realize how children can change someone's life and make lives better in more ways than you can count.

Top 40 Songs for December

Here Are The Top 40 Country Songs For December 2021

The Top 40 Country Songs for December 2021 are burning red with “All Too Well” dethroning “Fancy Like.” Guess what other Red songs made the list.

inspiring country songs

Inspiring Country Songs That Will Uplift You Every Morning

Take a dose of inspiring country songs with this list so that you’ll have the strength to wake up today and the courage to face tomorrow.

Best Upbeat Country Songs

15 Upbeat Country Songs That’ll Get You Stomping Your Boots On The Dance Floor

Looking for instant mood-boosters? Here are the best upbeat country songs that will quickly shift your mood from sullen to sunny.

Country Songs About Beer

These Country Songs About Beer Will Have You Pouring Another Round for Everyone

Beer and country music's special relationship is unbeatable. Here are the top country songs about beer you can play while enjoying a cold drink.

10 Country Songs About Fire If You Feel The Burning Desire To Say Something

Whether it’s about a burning desire to say something, or literal fires burning things to the ground, there are country songs about fire for that.

Top 40 country songs november

Here Are The Top 40 Country Songs For November 2021

Guess Walker Hayes is not going anywhere, ruling the Top 40 Country Songs for November 2021 again. Find out the other songs that made it.

Top 10 Country Music’s Most Shocking Couple Breakups

Top 10 Country Music’s Most Shocking Couple Breakups

Not every love story has a happy ending. Let’s look back at some of the most shocking country couple breakups that broke our hearts too.

5 Feel-Good Country Songs that Aren’t About Heartache

5 Feel Good Country Songs that Aren’t About Heartache

Country music is not all about heartache and cheating. Here are feel good country songs that will put your troubles aside and help you enjoy life.

Jessa Samantha Top 10 country songs about the beach

Top Country Songs About The Beach For The Perfect Summer Playlist

Here’s a playlist of good country songs about the beach that will definitely give you good vibes and have you swaying in the sand from day to night.

Country Songs About Growing Up

The Best Country Songs About Growing Up Whatever Stage You’re At In Life

Here’s a playlist of country songs about growing up that will make you look back with joy and contentment at the wonderful blessings in our lives.

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