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These Country Songs About Beer Will Have You Pouring Another Round for Everyone

Country Songs About Beer

For those who like to crack a cold one from time to time, we’ve picked the best country songs about beer for the perfect soundtrack. Whether you’d want to celebrate the finish line of a long and taxing work week or perhaps, you’re longing to drown your pain and misery in a large lager – there’s a right drinking song for you. 

Some of these can be uplifting, while some are classic party tunes, others are lonesome about a jilted love. Keep on scrolling below to find out.

1. “Beer In Mexico” by Kenny Chesney

While at the crossroads of his life and struggling with certain decisions he must make for himself, Chesney concludes that there’s no better way to do it than waste another day, sit back and relax with a beer in Mexico.

2. “Beer in the Fridge” by Walker Hayes

After struggling with alcohol addiction for years, Hayes finally found himself on the road to sobriety and becoming a better version of himself. And he talked about the real hardships he endured in “Beer in the Fridge.”

3. “There’s a Tear in My Beer” by Hank Williams

Beer songs are most of the time joyful and festive, but oftentimes it’s weepy and lovesick – just like Williams’ heartbroken lament in “There’s a Tear in My Beer,” where he asserts that he’s going to keep drinking until he can no longer move a toe, then probably his heart will no longer hurt him too.

4. “Beers and Sunshine” by Darius Rucker

This feel-good summer song, “Beers and Sunshine,” finds Rucker calling for slowing down and reveling in the simple things in life when the whole shebang feels out of control.

5. “Beers On Me” by Dierks Bentley featuring HARDY and Breland

Bentley is not letting the stress and worry of a crazy time wash away by cracking a few cold beers. And thanks to his friends like HARDY and Breland, he won’t be drinking alone.

6. “Beer For My Horses” by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson

Fed up with corruption, robberies, violence, and all the terrible things they keep seeing on the news, Keith and Nelson teamed up to take the law into their own hands – and of course, they’re going to do it while raising up their glasses in “Beer For My Horses.”

7. “Beer Can’t Fix” by Thomas Rhett

They say alcohol is the reason and answer to life’s problems, and Rhett echoes part of that sentiment in this festive track that taps into the popular beachy vibe of veterans like Kenny Chesney.

8. “Straight Outta Cold Beer” by Blake Shelton

What’s better than celebrating the end of a hard day’s work with some cold beer? Shelton knew better when he wrote this song about people in rural, blue-collar towns all over America. 

9. “One Beer” by Hardy featuring Lauren Alaina and Devin Dawson

With just a single Bud Light, a man’s life changed in “One Beer,” where one drunken night led to an out-of-wedlock pregnancy that they hurried to wed. But despite the unfortunate event, there is the greatest blessing of a happy family of three.

10. “Beer Never Broke My Heart” by Luke Combs

Combs recounts the different ways he’s been hurt in life and comes to the ultimate conclusion: Long-neck ice-cold beer has never let him down.

Some More Country Songs About Beer That Need To Be on Your Playlist

Beer and country music truly have a special relationship. Here are some more tracks you need to check out.

  • “Chicks, Trucks, and Beer” by Tyler Farr
  • “Beer With Jesus” by Thomas Rhett
  • “Cold Beer Drinker” by Luke Bryan
  • “Drink a Little Beer” by Thomas Rhett
  • “Cold Beer With Your Name On It” by Josh Thompson
  • “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan
  • “Beer” by Lee Brice
  • “Cold Beer Conversation” by George Strait
  • “I Like Girls That Drink Beer” by Toby Keith
  • “Cold Beer Country” by Toby Keith
  • “Wine, Beer, Whiskey” by Little Big Town
  • “Beer In The Headlights” by Luke Bryan
  • “No I In Beer” by Brad Paisley
  • “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen” by Chase Rice
  • “Beer Run (B Double E Double Are You In?)” by Garth Brooks featuring George Jones

So, which among these country drinking songs about beer that you’re going to play on the loop?