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Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses” Bites The Charts As Singer’s Highest Single

If you want to know more about classic country songs, you can start with Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses.” Reed is a Country Music Hall of Famer that has a lot of signature songs you can explore. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to listen to his highest-charting single before anything else.

“Amos Moses” Story

A Jerry Reed song has its signature flair that makes the country veteran stand up from the rest. It’s a tune solely written by Reed himself in October 1970 as a final single for his Georgia Sunshine album.

Interestingly, Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses” is its unique story that’s only imaginable in the wild wild west. The title of the song is the protagonist’s name. Amos Moses is a one-armed Cajun alligator poacher who lives about 45 minutes southeast of Thibodaux, Louisiana. He’s also the son of a man named “Doc Milsap” and a woman named Hannah. Each verse reflects the poacher’s life from his abusive childhood to being a troubled adult.

According to his lyrics, he was used as bait to alligators before by his father. And when he grew up, he had a problem with the law for illegally hunting alligators. There was also an incident when a sheriff tried hiding in the swamp to get Amos Moses but never came out again. Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses” has other versions, and this comes with a theory. Some say that the singer has made two unfinished versions and then decided to merge them to come up with the funnier version first. Well, whatever happened before, it worked like a charm.

Jerry Reed Classic Country

Like the “East Bound and Down” song, “Amos Moses” is also a classic in country music. The Hall of Famer churned out hits starting in the 1950s. Jerry Reed songs are examples of old country music that embodies a traditional tune. They’re the pieces that remind us of the first time we listened to this type of music when we were young. No one can brush off one of the pillars of country songs.

Moreover, Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses” is still used commercially to this day. The popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas included it on their soundtrack. TV show My Name Is Earl also featured the song while other singers or groups like Lea Claypool, Alabama 3, and Pleasure Barons, among others, made their cover versions.

You can listen to Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses” below.


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