July 20

Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses:” A Line Dance Song Now and Then


Jerry Reed

Since its release, the song, “Amos Moses” is still being used as a line dance now. The song has been released in the 70s’ that fans embraced wholeheartedly. Country Music enthusiasts considered it as a song to jive to in every gathering, event, and party. It’s more than four decades, and the song is still alive and making people be swept off their feet. To remember the “Good O’l Boy” Jerry Reed, let’s listen once more to the single and move our bodies.

Amos Moses…

Jerry Reed himself wrote the words and lyrics of “Amos Moses.” It was released in October 1970 as the fourth single from his album “Georgia Sunshine.” The song has been used as a line dance in local events and YMCAs. Moreover, the song is considered as one of the most successful singles of Reed aside from “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot,” “Lord, Mr. Ford,” “She Got The Goldmine (I’ve Got The Shaft),” and “The Bird.” Also, “Amos Moses” placed at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 compared to the songs mentioned.

Furthermore, the song talks about Amos Moses, a one-armed Cajun Alligator Hunter. Also, it discusses the history of Amos Moses and his troubles with the law of illegal hunting for alligators.

Jerry Reed…

Jerry Reed

“The Good O’l Boy” Jerry Reed was known to be a humorous performer. He puts comedic acts in his performances as well as to his songs. Also, he penetrated the world of acting wherein it showed his considerable talent at acting.

As a child, Jerry Reed can be seen running around strumming his guitar. He promised himself to be a star. Yes, he did, he became one of the most excellent actors and singers in history. Undeniably, Jerry Reed became the multi-media man of his time.

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Amos Moses, Jerry Reed, Lord Mr. Ford, She Got The Gold Mine I've Got The Shaft, The Bird, When you're hot you're hot

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