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Ags Connolly, British-born Artist Embraces Real Country Music

We cannot deny the power of country music, whether you’re from another country, different age or gender; country music will always be a sound that will always make things feel at home.

There are many styles of country music that is already known. And, there are also many artists outside of America that attempts to delve into the roots of country music. However, some tries too hard to copy the southern accent, or you can hear how others sing in a fake accent. But this one artist we’ve discovered will definitely amaze you.

Ags Connolly, Country Star from England

Ags Connolly is a country singer and songwriter who originates from Oxfordshire, England. Yes, folks, you read that right, he is from England, but he has a massive love for country music. Connolly has been influenced by big names in country music. He has great admiration for the legendary country singers David Allan Coe and Johnny Paycheck. Those are great outlaw artists in country music.

Ags Connolly country artist nothin' unexpected how about now
Photo Credit: Ags Connolly/ Official Facebook Page

How About Now Album

Connolly first released a studio album in 2014 known as How About Now. His album stayed true to the country roots without trying too hard to sound like a country wannabe. The songs in his first album are calming and simple accompanied with beautiful sounds of the banjo and the fiddle.

Nothin’ Unexpected

The craftsmanship of his work is extended to his 2017 album Nothin ‘ Unexpected. His vocals may sound more country than ever and his talent in songwriting is witnessed in this album of his. Connolly again shows us that living outside North America doesn’t limit one to love and perform country music in its finest.

His commitment to learning country music resulted in a well-recorded album. Nothin’ Unexpected is comprised of ten original songs written by Ags.

You should check out the album and enjoy the sound of the steel guitar and fiddle that makes it more captivating.

He has some tours lined up this year. If you want to catch him and his music check out his website for dates and ticket purchasing.

ags connolly tour country music
Photo Credit: Ags Connolly Tour/ Official Facebook Page

His songs truly embrace the sound of country music.


Ags Connolly

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