February 11, 2023

Let’s Take Ourselves Out of the City, with Lee Greenwood’s “Mornin’ Ride”

“Mornin’ Ride” by Lee Greenwood is a song composed by Steve Bogard and Josh Tweel. It was American singer and songwriter Lee Greenwood’s seventh top hit. It was a part of his album “Love Will Find Its Way To You.” Interestingly enough, the song would stay in its top spot for a week and continue to be on the chart for twenty-four weeks. It would prove to be another memorable and enjoyable song that would make his listeners need to go back and listen to this song on repeat.

Meaning Behind The Song

The song would continue to become one of Lee Greenwood’s chart-topping songs. “Mornin’ Ride” by Lee Greenwood feels like an escape. An escape from all chaos and commotion of the life the city provides. It’s like a temporary oasis that lasts for 3 minutes and twenty-four seconds, followed by Greenwood’s vocals and the cheery tune that contributes to the vibe it intends to show, “Mornin’ Ride” is a song that talks about how beautiful the morning can be when it’s spent with the person you love. 

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The song takes on a sensual route as it also describes the intimate moments of him and his lover. Life is beautiful if you appreciate the little things that come with it, like how the lyrics show appreciation for the scenery you can only find at the break of dawn. The song takes you on a mornin’ ride as it explains how peaceful and memorable the early morning is for him with his lover. Having nothing but bliss and an appreciation for the lush greenery and privacy the mountainside gives, “Mornin’ ride” is a song that teaches us to appreciate the little things that give us the best feeling.

Listen to “Mornin’ Ride” by Lee Greenwood down below.


Lee Greenwood

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