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Let’s Recall Lee Greenwood’s 7 Number One Hits

Aside from his all-time hit, “God Bless the USA,” Lee Greenwood has actually scored more than 30 songs on Billboard’s country singles chart. He had 20 songs on the top 10 and 7 of those were chart-toppers.

1. “Somebody’s Gonna Love You”

Released in 1983 and the second single from the same-titled album. This was Greenwood’s 1st no. 1 song on the country chart spending a total of 13 weeks on the chart.

Written by Rafe Van Hoy and Don Cook, it’s both a love tune and an empathetic song. A woman got hurt and she’s giving the cold shoulders to people. Nonetheless, she’s worth loving as observed by the narrator.

2. “Going, Going, Gone”

Also released in 1983 and the 3rd track from Greenwood’s album, Somebody’s Gonna Love You. “Going, Going, Gone” became Greenwood’s second no.1 spending a week on top and another 12 weeks on the country chart.

A hauntingly beautiful tune about seeing the love of your life wanting to see more in life than to stay and be content with what you can offer. This was a collaborative work by  Emily Haines, Torquil John Campbell, and Christopher Allen Seligman.

3. “Dixie Road”

First recorded by King Edward IV and the Knights for Soundwaves Records in 1981 and later recorded by Lee Greenwood. “Dixie Road” was released in March 185 and went on to be his 3rd number 1 single on the country chart spending a week on top.

Listening to Lee Greenwood’s singing will really make your heart go drifting down a dusty Dixie road or maybe drive down to your sweet home Alabama!

4. “I Don’t Mind the Thorns (If You’re The Rose)”

Lee Greenwood‘s 4th no. 1 on the country chart and the lead single from his 1985 album, Streamline. This is a sure heartstring-tugger for couples who persistently work on their relationships despite known differences. Its beautiful lyrics were crafted by Jan Buckingham and Linda Young.

5. “Don’t Underestimate My Love For You”

This was also released in November 1985 and the second track from the album Streamline. This ballad by Dave Loggins, Steve Dorff and Steve Diamond shouldn’t really be underestimated as it spent a week as Greenwood’s 5th no. 1 on the Billboard country chart.

6. “Hearts Aren’t Made to Break (They’re Made to Love)”

Penned by Roger Murrah and Steve Dean, this is the 3rd single from Greenwood’s album Streamline released in April 1986. It was no. 1 for a week and remained on the country chart for a total of 14 weeks.

7. “Mornin’ Ride”

The second single from Greenwood’s 1986 album, Love Will Find Its Way to You. It spent a week on top and another 13 weeks on the country chart.

Other Remarkable Hits

Greenwood has also several crossover hits including “Touch & Go Crazy”, “Somebody’s Gonna Love You” ( #96, Billboard Hot 100), and “IOU” (#53, Billboard Hot 100 and #4 on Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks). His CD titled “American Patriot” also went platinum in 1992.

He made two duets in his entire singing career with Barbara Mandrel and Suzie Boggus. Greenwood and Mandrell’s duet of “To Me” from their collaborative album, Meant for Each Other reached the Top 10 on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart while his duet with Suzie Boggus for “Hopelessly Yours” was nominated for a Grammy.

Lee Greenwood’s Latest Album

Lee Greenwood’s latest CD was titled, “I Want to Be in Your World” and released in 2011. He co-produced this with Butch Baker and Tony Smith. He penned three of the seven tracks and covered Michael McDonald/Kenny Loggins ballad, “You Can Let Go Now.”

“Choosing songs to record is always exciting. I love lyrics that have depth and emotion, I am thankful for the many writers & artists who have contributed to my career.”

Greenwood spends most of his time doing tours, raising a family, and writing books. He has also devoted his time to supporting military troops and personnel through the non-profit organization, Helping A Hero.


Lee Greenwood

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