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The 10 Best (And Relatable) Kathy Mattea Songs You’ll Have on Repeat

With a whopping total of 17 albums, country music artist Kathy Mattea has been releasing classic music ever since her debut in 1984. Kathy’s songs mostly dwell on the theme that everybody relates to and feels: love.

Her albums, namely Untasted Honey, Willow in the Wind, Time Passes By, Lonesome Standard Time, and Walking Away a Winner, all received gold certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America.

Check out our list of Kathy Mattea’s songs to see if you’ll relate to one.

1. Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses

“Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses” was released in 1988 in Kathy Mattea‘s third studio album, Untasted Honey. The song topped the US Billboard Hot Country Songs and Canadian RPM Country Tracks charts.

The track’s countdown shows that retirement becomes the ultimate reward after years of working hard because you get to spend more time with your family.

2. Come From the Heart

Written by Susanna Clark and Richard Leigh, “Come from the Heart” is among Kathy’s most popular songs throughout her music career. The single spent one week at the #1 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and 14 weeks on the chart.

The song’s message is to do things out of love and genuinely from the heart. As our wise parents and relatives said, in everything you do, do it with love.

3. Burnin’ Old Memories

Releasing “Burnin’ Old Memories” in 1989 was another achievement for Kathy, as the track written by Larry Boone, Paul Nelson, and Gene Nelson topped the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. 

If you want to forget the painful, sad past, the piece is perfect for you to listen to when you need a good old heartbreak song.

4. She Came from Fort Worth

In April 1990, Kathy released “She Came from Fort Worth.” The track was written by Fred Koller and Pat Alger and is part of her album, Willow in the Wind. Kathy’s song peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Hot Country Song chart.

“She Came from Fort Worth” talks about a woman leaving her current life to follow her biggest dreams.

5. Walking Away a Winner

Leaving a relationship where you knew you gave your all yet left a bit for yourself makes you feel like the greatest champion out there.

Kathy’s “Walking Away a Winner” reminds us to leave a bit of ourselves (and hearts) when we are in a relationship. Because it is relatable to many people out there, the song peaked at the 3rd spot on the Hot Country Songs chart.

6. Love at the Five and Dime

From her album Walk the Way the Wind Blows, Kathy released “Love at the Five and Dime” in 1986. The song eventually became Kathy’s first top 10 hit, reaching the 3rd spot on the US country charts.

The song follows the love story of an aspiring guitar player, Eddie, and a dime store clerk, Rita. As the love of the two blossomed, they encountered a few problems yet stayed strong together until the very end.

7. Goin’ Gone

Finding love that you have waited for a while is one of the best feelings to be ever felt.

“Goin’ Gone” by Kathy Mattea pertains to waiting for love to come while being alone, only a lighthouse accompanying her as it lights the way in the sea. The song peaked at #1 on the US country and #3 on the Canadian country charts.

8. Untold Stories

Kathy’s “Untold Stories” released in 1988, is about keeping one’s hopes up about being open, telling the truth, and establishing trust again in a relationship. There are secrets to be kept, yes, but it’s different when in a relationship.

Tim O’Brien wrote the song and took the #4 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

9. The Battle Hymn of Love

Withstanding the obstacles of love is the main message of “The Battle Hymn of Love” by Kathy Mattea. She recorded the song featuring Tim O’Brien, and it charted at the 9th spot on the US Hot Country Songs chart.

Love becomes stronger when you and your partner trust each other. And as a couple, you will be further tested when you are bound together in marriage.

10. Time Passes By

Kathy Mattea’s “Time Passes By” was a single in her album Time Passes By released in 1991. The track is a perfect reminder of doing the things you love, traveling to the places you’ve been wanting to visit, and trying out new experiences with the ones important to you. Because time is fleeting, you might not have opportunities to do what you want someday.

Kathy Mattea’s songs are, indeed, relatable. Whether we’ve loved or haven’t yet, her songs are masterpieces that you would definitely love to have on repeat.

We hope you enjoyed our list of her songs! Stay tuned and updated for more of these.


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