June 14

Kathy Mattea Has Forgotten The Past By “Burnin’ Old Memories”

Putting bygones to the flame is not a simple thing to do. It took a whole lot of allowing some feelings to go. You may even push through fighting, inner-battling, acceptance, pity for yourself and for others. However, there is something satisfying in doing it. Call it feeling trapped and living in the past, holding onto old relationships, previous jobs, or a former type of yourself. They say one most powerful way to move that energy is through the help of fire. Kathy Mattea has released a record, touching our excitingly forgetful hearts, through “Burnin’ Old Memories”.

Kathy Mattea Has Forgotten The Past By “Burnin’ Old Memories” 1

Song Specifics

Released as the second single from the 1989 album Willow in the Wind, the song was Kathy Mattea’s fourth, and final to date, number one song on the country music charts. “Burnin’ Old Memories” spent one week on the United States Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It spent a total of fourteen weeks on the same chart. Additionally, the song held the fourth position on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart. Larry Boone, Paul Nelson, and Gene Nelson, penned “Burnin’ Old Memories”. The best stanza of the song is,

I used to love him; that ain’t no lie.
We had a good thing till he said goodbye.
Then, with one touch, you set my heart ablaze.
I’m burnin’ old memories with a brand new flame

Is It Easy?

In “Burnin’ Old Memories”, Kathy did it by being with a new flame – partner. Imagine how less dangerous it can be if you do burn memories, literally. When we go through some hard times, there are certain steps we follow to move on from the pain we are feeling. In some cases, rituals are done. It causes us to take hiatus, giving focus to things that are still there for us. They help our mind put emphasis on something else and position ourselves emotionally and spiritually.

Burning things have long been used as a ritual of release, of letting go. Some may feel more free with every picture, letter, or stuff delivered to the fire. Only then, they feel they are in a new chapter of adjustment and change. So, if you are going through a break-up, has been hurt by a friend, or been traumatized by an accident today, listen to this song and consciously burn the memories of yesterday.

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Burnin’ Old Memories, Kathy Mattea

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