Thomas Rhett’s Marriage

Back on October 12, 2012, country artist Thomas Rhett tied the knot with Lauren Akins. Rhett met Lauren in first grade. They were best friends turned sweethearts. Their love was inspired by  Rhett’s greatest hits “Die a Happy Man,” and  “Marry Me.” In May 2017, they adopted a baby girl from Uganda and named her Willa Gray Akins. Three months after, they welcomed their second daughter, Ada James Akins.

Thomas' Rhett's Life

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Recently, Rhett and Lauren announced that they were expecting their third child early next year.

Lauren Akins posted a video on her Instagram account revealing her third baby’s gender.

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We decided we didn’t have enough princess dresses around the house so we’re adding another Akins baby girl to the family early next year 💕🎀😭💗💗💗 despite Thomas Rhett’s initial shock (swipe to see video 😂) we are absolutely over the moon for our baby girl! Our girls cannot wait to meet their little sister 💕💕 Willa Gray prays for her every night (heart in a puddle every time😭😭) & she and Ada James love to touch my belly and talk to her😭😭💗💗💗-especially bc I’ve been showing since I was SEVEN weeks (🤪). So it feels like we have been hiding this secret for an ETERNITY. And I’d like to apologize to everyone I’ve canceled on, said no to or just been MIA, but for a second there I wasn’t sure if I was pregnant or just puked for a living🤢. But she’s soooo worth it💕💗💕💗💕 We are SO excited! & if you need TR you can find him in the camping section at REI buying dude things…….jk, he’s excited too 🥰

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Thomas also shared on one of his interviews that:

“Lauren wants to have five kids before she turns 34. That is her plan,” TR revealed. “So you can probably expect three new babies in the next five years. She’s the boss.”

Now, let me take this moment to say Congratulations to the growing family!

“Die a Happy Man”

Thomas Rhett's Life

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This is a song written by Thomas Rhett, along with Sean Douglas, Shawn Cornwell, and Joe Spargur. It was first recorded by Rhett as a single from his second album, Tangled Up.

“Die a Happy Man” was released on September 28, 2015. Upon its release, the song topped the Hot Country Songs chart and stayed on the country charts for seventeen weeks.

The story behind the song is about a man’s need for nothing more in life but his woman’s love. Rhett dedicated this song for his wife, Lauren Akins. The song became the most played country tunes and earned two Academy of Country Music Awards.

“Life Changes”

This is the next big success in Thomas’ career. Thus, it was inspired by his real-life love story.

Thomas’ song “Life Changes” was released on April 2018. Upon its release, it also entered country charts and has sold thousands of copies nationwide.

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