October 24

Cody Johnson’s “‘Til You Can’t” Reminds Us To Make The Most Of Every Moment

It’s quite rare for an up-tempo song to sneak in and hit you in the gut, at the same time, inspire you, but Cody Johnson’s “‘Til You Can’t” does it every time.

The song was released as the debut single from Johnson’s monumental 18-track double album, Human – and it has been in heavy rotation since then, teaching a powerful life lesson.

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Story Behind The Song 

“‘Til You Can’t” by Cody Johnson was written by Ben Stennis and Matt Rogers, and it finds the country star encouraging listeners to make the most of every moment, reminding us against waiting to do and say the things that matter until it’s too late. It’s just full of authentic country wisdom and a sound to match.

Johnson admits that his life’s perspective changes every time he sings this upbeat, positive song. “The message in this song is something so simple yet so hard to put into action every day of your life,” the singer explained.

And unexpectedly, the lyrics took on special meaning for Johnson three months ago, when he was on board a private jet with his wife, tour manager, and road manager, and the thing almost went down. Fortunately, they made it safely back to the ground, but the scary situation was enough to stir something within Johnson.

He thought about all the things he had not done – like not having the time to play with his daughters or not telling the important people in his life that he loved them. He regretted not applying the song to his own life. “Our days are numbered, and I think it’s something people need to hear. Do it now,” he realized

It may be early to say, but “‘Til You Can’t” is bound to be one of Cody Johnson’s greatest hits. Its relatability makes it a truly powerful track. And while the song alone is enough to stir your emotions, the music video even took it up a notch, turning the poignant ballad into a bona fide tear-jerker. See it for yourself below.


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