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Eight Facts About Tennessee Ernie Ford That You Might Want to Know

Ernest Jennings Ford, much known by his stage name Tennessee Ernie Ford has been a portrait of a great American singer through the years. He was able to achieve tremendous honor in his career and has remained a much-loved figure far beyond the boundaries of the country music audience.

He is known for being one of few artists that has a successful crossover from him singing songs in the genre of proto-rock & roll to singing gospel songs. Titled as the baritone voice, he boomed to success after the release of his cover of Merle Travis’s coal mining song “Sixteen Tons.” But, other than that, there have also been a lot more Tennessee Ernie Ford hit songs like “Mule Train” that listeners have enjoyed. 

Indeed, Tennessee Ernie Ford is a gifted musician with a captivating personality. For your amusement, we have put together a list of fascinating and little-known facts about Tennessee Ernie Ford that you might want to know. 

1. He Made $10 a Week Working as an Announcer 

Due to his love of listening to music on the radio, his voice eventually was heard on the radio as he worked as an announcer for WOPI-AM, a sports radio station, in 1937. He was paid $10 a week for his service. 

2. He Was a First Lieutenant 

Like probably most men who lived during world war II, Ernie Ford was also able to serve in the military ranking as a First Lieutenant. However, before he could even do his active service, the war ended, and as a result, his deployment to Japan was halted. 

3. He Was Invited to The White House

In 1991, President George H. W. Bush invited Ernie Ford to a state dinner at the White House. And this invitation was a great honor for Ernie Ford, as said by his son after his death

4. He Released Over 50 Singles Throughout His Career

Throughout his career, he was able to release a lot of chart-hitting songs. And some of them are “The Shotgun Boogie” and “Shenandoah.”

5. He Was a Hall of Famer

Tennessee Ernie Ford is not just a hall of Famer for one organization. He was able to gain so much popularity and has contributed more than enough to the industry that he was now able to gain recognition for both the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1990.

6. He Suffered from Liver Failure

After his attendance at the State dinner arranged by then-US president Bush, Ernie Ford suffered severe liver failure at Dulles Airport, which later on caused his death in the following months. 

7. He Is a Television Host

Other than being such an amazing country singer and announcer, Ernie Ford is also known for his hosting skills. On his own show called “The Ford Show,” which lasted from 1956-1961. 

8. He Has Recorded Over 100 Albums

Only a few artists have recorded over 100 albums throughout their careers. But Ernie Ford is not the same as those others. He has been able to record around 100 albums throughout his career, and one of the most known of them is “Hymns,” which is an album he released back in 1957. The album is known as the 2nd best-selling record in the US during that year. 

Unquestionably, one of the greatest musicians in the history of country music is Tennessee Ernie Ford. And there is no doubt that listening to his music will certainly make your day a little bit better. His songs will undoubtedly heal your soul more than you could have imagined. We hope that the facts we shared today helped you learn something new about Tennessee Ernie Ford. You can now spread the word about them to any Tennessee Ernie Ford fans you know. 


Tennessee Ernie Ford

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