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Tennessee Ernie Ford

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Tennessee Ernie Ford + In the Garden

Tennessee Ernie Ford Brings You Closer to God with “In the Garden”

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “In the Garden” became the most popular version of the 1913 classic and here's why.


Here Are Some Golden Gems: The Top 10 Country Songs of The 1950s

The 1950s marked a pivotal era for country music, giving birth to timeless classics that define the genre. Here are the top 10 country songs of the 1950s.

Tennessee Ernie Ford Facts

Eight Facts About Tennessee Ernie Ford That You Might Want to Know

Tennessee Ernie Ford, who was born on February 13, 1919, is one of country music's most loved artists of today and the past. And here are some interesting facts about him.

Tennessee Ernie Ford Death

Remembering The Death Of Tennessee Ernie Ford, Whose Bass-Baritone And Friendly Twang Made Him A Country Star

On October 17, 1991, country singer Tennessee Ernie Ford died of liver disease at Reston Hospital Center with his wife by his side. He was 72.

Four Gents Teamed Up For One Epic Performance of “I’ll Fly Away” at Hee Haw

In 1973, Roy Clark, Grandpa Jones joined Tennessee Ernie Ford and David "Stringbean" Akeman in performing the classic "I'll Fly Away" at the Hee Haw show.

Top 10 Songs From The Charismatic Country Star, Tennessee Ernie Ford

Top 10 Songs From The Charismatic Country Star, Tennessee Ernie Ford

Without waning popularity and distinction, Ford saw to it that the musical part of his program always ended with good ole gospel singing.

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s 1’st No. 1 Hit, “Sixteen Tons”

Back in 1955 and early 1956, the top song was about the hard life and poverty of being a coal miner called Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Sixteen Tons.”

“In the Garden:” A Gentle Reminder that God Walks with Us

"In the Garden" is one of the gospel songs that holds a strong grip in our hearts. The simple message of the song has been delivered by different artists.

Johnny Cash Releases an Incredible Countrified Version of “Sixteen Tons”

Tennessee Ernie Ford's popular single "Sixteen Tons" was recorded by the legendary singer Johnny Cash in 1987.