January 12

Tennessee Ernie Ford Brings You Closer to God with “In the Garden”

Tennessee Ernie Ford might not be the original singer of “In the Garden,” but his version was the most renowned. Written by a Pharmacist, C. Austin Miles, in 1913, the song talks about faith and beliefs in the Almighty God.

C. Austin Miles revealed that the inspiration for writing the song came to him while he was reading the Bible. He read John Chapter 20, where Mary looked for Jesus in the tomb but could not find Him. 

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According to the Holy Book, Mary was highly devastated during that time. However, a voice called her out of nowhere, and she later found out it was Jesus. Mary’s sadness eventually became joy, inspiring C. Austin to write the song. 

Tennessee Ernie Ford released his “In the Garden” version in his 1957 album, Hymns. This album contained different covers of gospel songs, which eventually entered the Billboard 200. Many were particularly amazed by his version of C. Austin’s song, which was accompanied by a heavenly choir, fitting for the worship song.

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s heartfelt cover of “In the Garden” was applauded by many. He shed new light on the classic gospel song and helped it reach many people and strengthen their faith during challenging times.

If you are interested, you can listen to Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “In the Garden” by watching the video below.


Tennessee Ernie Ford

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