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Top 10 Redneck Songs

As time changed, the term redneck now goes beyond its unfavorable connotations. Redneck songs celebrate the lifestyle of proud self-identifiers. These songs sing about humility, independence, and love of the simple things life. 

You don’t have to be born in the South to appreciate the hillbilly songs that sing about fixing trucks and living off the land. Ready to tap the redneck in you? 

Here are the top 10 redneck songs you shouldn’t miss:

10. Boys’ Round Here

Blake Shelton’s 2013 hit transcend the old redneck stereotype. It’s a hip-hop rich jam that could bring back old memories almost a decade ago. This country dance club song was a sought-after record back then. It’s an evergreen bop that could make you sing “Red, red, red, red … redneck” on cue.

9. Hicktown

Released more than 15 years ago, Jason Aldean’s ‘Hicktown’ remains at the back of the head of every country song fan. It’s his debut single with the music video showing fans partying in the mud as the band plays, a sight to see given the world’s current situation. With ‘Hicktown’ and its infectious country-rock anthem arranged to get everyone grooving while it’s blasting.

8. No Trash in My Trailer

As implied in the title, this song is singing about kicking a no-good partner out because she won’t fully accept a redneck for who he is. Avid country fans back up most of its lyrics especially its witty wordplay. It’s Colt Ford’s first single and in 2008, it was totally a big deal.

7. High-Tech Redneck

Released in 1993, the High-Tech Redneck is the title track of George Jones’ album. Listening to it in 2021, one might think how simple the term ‘high tech’ meant back in the day. Today, Urban Dictionary defines a high-tech redneck as someone who has more computer parts on his lawn than grass. 

6. Country Boy

Alan Jackson is a champion in writing and recording redneck country songs. However, his number 1 hit from 2009 remains on top of his creations. The song sings about picking a woman up for some fun in the country, painting the picture of dirty roads and trucks as they drove. Jackson and his timeless voice singing classic country lyrics hit homerun.

5. Country Boy Song

Talk about an honest and bold song about rednecks and here it goes. Earl Dibbles proudly sings “I’m a redneck / I’m white trash.” It’s a redneck jam and it doesn’t try to hide it. It checks all the boxes: overalls, barbed wire tattoo, and a dip in the lip.

4. Redneck Yacht Club

Craig Morgan sings about being part of a special yacht club and it’s called ‘Redneck Yacht Club.’ It’s not your typical early 2000s country music but it sinks in. This track depicts what most Americans can relate to. As Morgan sings “Side by side, there’s five houseboat front porches / AstroTurf, lawn chairs and tiki torches / Regular Joes rockin’ the boat, that’s us / The Redneck Yacht Club.” 

3. Sweet Home Alabama

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s 1974 hit ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ wasn’t marketed as a redneck song at first. But it’s become a symbol for rednecks across the US and everyone seems to nonchalantly agree. It’s an all-time classic that celebrates the south and all its uniqueness. The lyrics could easily make anyone want to open a cold beer and just be happy for being free.

2. Redneck Woman

Up on the top 2 is Gretchen Wilson and her 2004 classic country hit. It’s the song that made her. When ‘Redneck Woman’ was released, she was a bartender in Illinois. Just two months after this country woman’s anthem hit the radio, she became a country superstar. She was a goddess especially for female country avid fans, singing about swigging beer like the boys and being unapologetic about that.

1. A Country Boy Can Survive

Nobody else’s discography is filled with an extensive number of country records than Hank Williams Jr.’s. However, “A Country Boy Can Survive” remains the ultimate redneck jam among his records. This song showcases William’s natural talent and grit in singing about a country boy’s colorful country life. There’s no need to throw hands. This is the Number 1 redneck song ever.

Did you find your favorite redneck songs on this list?

You can easily find redneck music celebrating the great American redneck. However, only a few of them would stand the test of changing times. These redneck songs are classics in their own rights.

We hope you found new favorites from our list. If your heart is screaming for other redneck songs, we would like to hear from you.

Do you think we should bump up songs on the top of this list? Tell us which ones in the comment section later. For now, catch up on all-time country tracks every redneck and wannabe redneck should enjoy.


Redneck Songs

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Top 10 Redneck Songs

Top 10 Redneck Songs

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