March 9

Blake Shelton’s “Boys’ Round Here”: A Wild Southern Rollercoaster Ride


If you want to know what Southern life is, listen to Blake Shelton’s “Boys’ Round Here,” and you’ll know how fun it is.

In 2013 this hit song took the country music scene for its upbeat and laidback lyrics. Written by Craig Wiseman, Rhett Akins, and Dallas Davidson, the song is credited to Blake Shelton and the country music group, Pistol Annies, country singer RaeLynn and the producer Scott Hendricks.

“Boys’ Round Here,” one of Blake Shelton’s songs is about celebrating the Southern lifestyle with lyrics narrating some of the south’s lines, culture, and lifestyle. The first verse opens with the boys in the area don’t listen to The Beatles’ music. This lyrical inspiration took place when the songwriters Davidson and Wiseman met at the latter’s office. Davidson saw some Beatles memorabilia inside and told Wiseman the now first verse of the hit song.

The popular mantra, “a country boy can survive,” among country boys (and some girls) can also be heard in the lyrics and how they have red dirt clay instead of brown topsoil. 

Moreover, there was a term called “backwoods” on the verses, which is actually equivalent to being from “the hood” in city rap culture. As some say, it’s the most thug thing you can be in the countryside.

Even the popular dance craze song “Teach Me How To Dougie” was used about how different the south is from the other parts of the state. Quoting the line, “Ain’t a damn one know how to do the dougie,” referred to the country folks.

It’s a fun and upbeat song that, according to some critics, is much better than Shelton’s past songs, including “Ol’ Red” and “Playboys of the Southwestern World.” Well, the charts don’t lie as “Boys’ Round Here” bagged the No. 1 spot in Billboard Canada Country and US Country Airplay. Furthermore, on the year-end charts of 2013, it reached No—3 on US Hot Country Songs.

If you’re wondering what southern life looks like, listen first to Blake Shelton’s “Boys’ Round Here” before booking your trip. You may learn new things from this catchy hit song.

Check out its official music video right here:


Blake Shelton

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