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15 Country Father Daughter Dance Songs To Dance Your Hearts Away

These country father daughter dance songs are staples tunes during weddings. From songs that perfectly capture a father’s emotions as he gives away his daughter to a daughter’s perspective of her relationship with her father, you can count on country music to give you that full round of emotions. 

So here are 15 country father daughter dance songs from the classics to the modern favorites. Enjoy!

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1. “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw

This is one of the top three classic favorites for the father-daughter dance, and it’s co-written by Tim McGraw with Tom Douglas. “My Little Girl” outpours with a father’s sentimentality and love that truly embraces the daughter who will always be his ‘little girl’ no matter what happens. 

2. “I Loved Her First” by Heartland

“I Loved Her First” is a platinum-selling debut single by Heartland and was written by Elliott Park and Walt Aldridge. Like “My Little Girl,” this was one of the most played songs for a father-daughter dance. It speaks of the deep love of a father to his daughter and how hard it is to let her go. 

3. “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

One of the biggest hits of the summer of 1997, this song was written by Bob Carlisle himself for his daughter. It talks about a father’s gratitude and imperfection. It perfectly captures the bittersweet sadness of letting his daughter go and, at the same time, expresses the beauty in the inevitable change between their relationship. 

4. “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

Written by Jeffrey Steele and Steve Robson, “My Wish” encapsulates every parents’ wish for their children. It’s a message of touching assurance that in this crazy world, they can always count on someone to have their back. 

5. “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

This classic song, “I Hope You Dance”, is considered one of the most successful singles of the 2000s. While it’s a mother’s narration, it can be easily translated to a father’s message to his daughter. And that is if she gets a choice to sit out life or dance with it, he hopes she chooses to dance even with all the risks, just like in love. 

6. “Stealing Cinderella” by Chuck Wicks

The song co-written by Wicks narrates the classic story of a man asking the permission of a father to marry his daughter. And he can understand that no matter how much she loves him, her father will always be her first Prince Charming. 

7. “Daddy Dance With Me” by Krystal Keith

Krystal penned this beautiful father-daughter dance song as a gift to her father on her wedding day. The song is about a girl wanting her father to see the woman that she had become but still needing him because she will always be his baby girl for life. 

8. “Daddy’s Little Girl” by The Shires

This heartbreaking ballad is for all the brides who lost their fathers before walking them down the aisle. This song, written by Crissie Rhodes, is an honest message that all daughters can be who they want to be, but they will always want to be their daddy’s little girl.

9. “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” by Darius Rucker

Written by Rucker along with Ashley Gorley and Chris DuBois, “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” is a heartwarming song that shares the bittersweet story of raising a daughter. It’s filled with nostalgia and tenderness that definitely touches the heart. 

10. “Just Fishin’” by Trace Adkins

This tune simply gets you back in time, a father just fishing with his daughter, saying how much he loves her, and just spending as much time together as they can. Because he knows time is ticking and every second with her is precious.

11. “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw

This song will definitely make you feel that lump in your throat. It’s a simple song from a parent’s perspective, sending a child into a new chapter of their life with advice to always remember to be humble and kind. 

12. “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn

This 1986 Grammy-nominated song is a sweet and touching tribute to a father who sacrificed his life unselfishly just to give his children a good life. It definitely captures a daughter’s gratitude for her father. 

13. “Ready, Set, Don’t Go” by Billy Ray Cyrus

While parents all want their children to achieve success and happiness in life, letting them go will never be easy. And in Billy Ray Cyrus’ song, he shared that pivotal crossroad that he needed to let his children leave the nest, but he will surely miss them. 

14. “The Girl You Think I Am” by Carrie Underwood

This song talks about the beautiful relationship between a father and his daughter, and it’s a definite tearjerker. It’s a song that channels all the good and great things about a daughter having her father in her life. 

15. “When She Grows Up” by Craig Campbell

To cap off the list is a song that tells all the daughters that no matter what happens, they will always be their daddy’s little girl. And they will never be too big for their dad’s hug.

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The Wedding Playlist: More Country Father Daughter Dance Songs 

Aside from country wedding songs, it’s also good to have a playlist of these country father daughter dance songs because we’re sure 15 are not enough. 

  • “There Goes My Life” by Kenny Chesney
  • “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins
  • “I Love You This Big” by Scotty McCreery
  • “Daddy’s Angel” by Tony Carter
  • “For My Daughter” by Kane Brown
  • “Dance With My Daughter” by Jason Blaine
  • “The Man Who Loves You The Most” by Zac Brown Band
  • “Walk With You” by Edwin McCain
  • “He Didn’t Have To Be” by Brad Paisley
  • “I’ll Be There” by Josh Turner


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