June 25

JUST FISHIN’: Trace Adkins on Making Memories With His Daughter


JUST FISHIN': Trace Adkins on Making Memories With His Daughter 1
Trace Adkins. Just Fishin’ (Image from Youtube)

Trace Adkins may be known as one of the country music’s “bad boys,” but most of us know that he has a soft heart as manifested by his songs and principles. The country singer has been promoting patriotism and righteous living in his latest songs. This time, he shares us his softest side as he dedicates his song to his daughter. “Just Fishin’” expresses Adkins fondness to every moment he spends with his daughter.

A Father’s Love

More than the title, the song tells the doting story of a father and his lovely little girl hitting a fishing hole. The small talks in between their bonding make the moment more precious, and it is more than just about catching a fish.

For the daughter, she thinks they’re just having a fun time fishing together, but the father cherishes every little memory in the making. This reflective song gives chance to Trace to look back on his life and realizes that he’s no longer as wild as he used to be.

“She ain’t even thinkin’ ’bout
What’s really goin’ on right now
But I guarantee this memory’s a big’in
And she thinks we’re just fishin’.”

JUST FISHIN': Trace Adkins on Making Memories With His Daughter 2
Trace Adkins. Just Fishin’ (Image from Youtube)

The music video

The music video is filled with Adkin’s personal touch to the portrayal of the song. Having his youngest daughter, Trinity, to play the important role in the scenes made Adkin’s connection to the song even stronger. From the way he interacts with his little girl, we can tell that he fully believes in every word of the song. This kind of passionate connection made this video one of his most poignant videos.

Viewers also get the chance of glancing Adkin’s farm in the video. The place where the father and daughter went fishing is owned by the family. Trey Fanjoy is the creative man behind the excellent video.

JUST FISHIN': Trace Adkins on Making Memories With His Daughter 3
Trace Adkins. Just Fishin’ (Image from Youtube)

For the record…

The song’s powerful message and strong bond to the audience resulted in its promising spot on the Billboard country at number six. Also, the song earned a Grammy nomination for Best Country Song.

Here’s the official music video of “Just Fishin’.”

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Just Fishin', Trace Adkins

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