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15 Best Luke Combs Songs That Took Our Breaths Away

Since his debut, we have seen Luke Combs songs skyrocket at an almost unprecedented rate. In just a few short years, he managed to release three studio albums and fourteen No. 1 singles – in which thirteen of them ranked atop consecutively. Of course, Combs also has some of the most prestigious awards under his belt, and this includes the Country Music Association Award for Entertainer of the Year – which he won not only once but twice.

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Truly, this country superstar is one of a kind! So, let’s take a look back at some of the best Luke Combs songs, so far. Keep on scrolling below to find out.

1. Beautiful Crazy

From: This One’s for You (2018)

Even before the song was released as a single, it had already gained viral attention and became a regular performance in Luke Combs‘ concerts. 

In 2018, “Beautiful Crazy” – which finds Combs smitten by his lover’s charming quirks –was finally released as a bonus track off his re-issued debut album. It ranked atop Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, where it stayed for seven weeks, becoming Combs’ longest reign at No. 1.

2. Hurricane

From: This One’s for You (2018)

Indeed, Combs was like a hurricane who stormed into the country music scene with this song, which was released as his debut single. It reached the top spot of the Billboard Country Airplay chart, where it remained for two weeks, making Combs the first solo artist to have a multi-week No. 1 debut single since Darius Rucker’s “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” in 2008.

3. When It Rains It Pours

From: This One’s for You (2018)

In 2017, Combs continued his upbeat tunes about love with this lighthearted anthem, where he reverses the old woe-is-me phrase with a sharp twist. 

“When It Rains It Pours” finds Combs recalling a streak of favorable occurrences since his girlfriend dumped him, such as winning a hundred bucks from a scratch-off ticket and, apparently, the chance to not see his “ex-future-mother-in-law” ever again.

4. Better Together

From: What You See Is What You Get (2020)

Combs concludes his sophomore album with this poignant cut, which he wrote before he even began dating his wife, Nicole Hocking. “Better Together” finds Combs comparing himself and his lover to various things that go well together – like a cup of coffee and sunrise, good ole boys and beer, and of course, there’s no better sound than her first and last name together.

5. Forever After All

From: What You See Is What You Get (2020)

Combs wrote this romantic ballad for his wife after they bought their first house together in Tennessee. The song finds him telling the story of a couple whose bond is so resilient, so everlasting, even through death.

“Forever After All” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

6. The Kind of Love We Make

From: Growin’ Up (2022)

Combs leaves little to the imagination in this steamy love ballad, where he details his romantic intentions for his lover. Despite their busy schedule at work, he tells her to cancel their plan to spend a passionate night of lovemaking. “The Kind of Love We Make” has since been branded as Combs’ “first bedroom song.”

7. She Got the Best of Me

From: This One’s for You (2018)

Combs continued singing about love, this time releasing a heartbreak ballad about a relationship that ended terribly. It was another success for Combs, earning 2x Platinum certification and becoming his fourth consecutive No. 1 song.

Combs revealed that he wrote the song four years prior to its recording at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee. 

8. Beer Never Broke My Heart

From: What You See Is What You Get (2020)

Combs kicked off his second studio album with “Beer Never Broke My Heart.” In this feel-good tune, Combs paid tribute to his favorite cold drink. He knows that whatever is going on in his life, he can always count on his booze – and for the country singer, beer is his only safe bet. 

9. Even Though I’m Leaving

From: What You See Is What You Get (2020)

This moving ballad describes a little boy’s relationship with his father, who has always been by his side. The song goes on with the son growing up and joining the military. While he’s no longer a kid, he still counts on his father.

10. Cold as You

From: What You See Is What You Get (2020)

The song found Combs in the shoes of a broken-hearted man finding his way to a bar stool after his girl rejected his proposal. Now, he’s drinking beer that’s as cold as his girl.

11. Doin’ This

From: Growin’ Up (2022)

When a journalist asked Combs what he would be doing if he didn’t become a successful country music artist, his answer was straight and simple. With his passion for music, Combs just knew that he’d still be performing his songs – whether it’s at the prestigious Grand Ole Opry stage or in some unknown town. And this is what this song is all about!

12. One Number Away

From: This One’s for You (2018)

This moody country ballad finds Combs unable to move on from the memory of his ex-girlfriend. While he was doing his best not to call her, his curiosity and longing to get back together practically got the best of him.

13. Lovin’ on You

From: What You See Is What You Get (2020) 

This ’90s-influenced country-rocker finds Combs listing down some of his favorite things, like a Friday night slow ride, a strong shot of whiskey, broken-in cowboy boots, and many more. But in the end, he declares that none of them gives the same thrill as the lady in his life.

14. Does to Me

From: What You See Is What You Get (2020)

Combs celebrates small successes in “Does to Me,” where he recounts day-to-day achievements. This includes a baseball hit, a prom date, and one phone call his brother was allowed to make from jail.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of the little stuff.

15. Going, Going, Gone

From: Growin’ Up (2022)

Here’s another heartbreak ballad by Combs, where he learns to accept that some things in life are meant to leave you, and there’s no way you can tie them down – in Combs’ case, it was his girlfriend who decided to follow her own path, and there’s no way he can stop her.

How about you? Which one among Luke Combs songs is your most favorite?


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