July 28

Luke Combs’ “Better Together” Will Surely Make Your Heart Flutter

When Luke Combs’ “Better Together” was released as the fifth single from his album What You See Is What You Get, it was quickly hailed as one of the top wedding songs.

It delivers the plain and uncomplicated message of love about different things that go well together, from “a cup of coffee and a sunrise” to “good ol’ boys and beer.”

Story Behind The Song 

“Better Together” is one of the many Luke Combs songs about his wife, Nicole Hocking Combs. In fact, it’s the second among the three tracks that tells their love story. The first came from the bonus track off his debut album, “Beautiful Crazy,” while the third is a song that came out of the deluxe edition album called “Forever After All.”

Combs wrote the romantic ballad with songwriters Dan Isbell and Randy Montana in the mountains of North Carolina in 2017. It came to life from a single line Montana had written down, which says, “We go together like good ole boys and beer.”

The country superstar found it to be a “funny way of thinking about a couple.” All at once, the trio started writing, listing things that they think would go together really well. It was very spontaneous. The title did not even come until they reached the chorus.

And that very moment, the trio never had the slightest idea of how the song would make history.

“Better Together” reached the top spot of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart as well as in Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, where it stayed for five weeks. It was his tenth consecutive single in the said chart – which, remarkably, no artist had ever achieved before the North Carolina native did.

Play the video below and fall in love with “Better Together” by Luke Combs.


Luke Combs

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