January 5

Meaning Behind “Country Just Not the Neon Kind” By Mike Manuel

Mike Manuel’s song “Country Just Not the Neon Kind” was released in 2001 as part of his album Buildin’ a Better Country; however, there were no reports indicating whether the song was able to hit any charts; even despite this, there is no doubt that people did enjoy listening to it just by looking at the comments of his fans on his YouTube Channel. 

The song was about him expressing that even if there are a lot of other country music styles springing up here and there, there is no match for the enchantment that traditional country music possesses, and many people may have related to the song since a lot of people were captivated by the song’s message.

It evokes nostalgia in listeners, particularly those who were there during the eras of luminaries like Hank Williams and Elvis Presley.

Mike Manuel has excellent judgment in making his music attractive to a wide range of listeners. Mike Manuel’s talent is palpable throughout the song. His musical concept is straightforward and inspiring. 

He’s a fervent believer and champion for the combination of Christianity with traditional country, as his song “Country Just Not the Neon Kind” demonstrates.

Mike Manuel’s music, aside from his song “Country Just Not the Neon Kind,” served as a refuge for many individuals who were feeling down. In a remark on his YouTube channel, one of his admirers stated that Mike Manuel’s songs helped her cope with her grief after her mother died.

And there is no doubt about that since his songs are very heartfelt and do provide solace to many, not just to his fans but to everyone.

That is the reason. If you want to see Mike Manuel’s stunning live performance of his song “Country Just Not the Neon Kind,” you can watch it down below. 


Mike Manuel

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