"Hurricane" by Luke Combs


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July 29, 2021


July 29, 2021


July 29, 2021

Six years ago, “Hurricane” by Luke Combs generated enough buzz to secure the singer a record deal with Sony Music Nashville. The label then reworked the song for country radio in 2016 as Combs’ debut single off his album, This One’s For You.

As expected, “Hurricane” reached No. 1 on Billboard Country Airplay chart, where it stayed for two weeks – making Combs the first artist to chart a multi-week No. 1 debut since 2012. The song also peaked at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, while No. 21 on Billboard Hot 100.

The song is definitely on top of Luke Combs greatest hits. In fact, its success set the stage for Combs’ full-length debut record upon its release in 2017, as it entered the Billboard’s Country Albums chart at No. 1.

Story Behind The Song 

“Hurricane” has been a longtime staple in Luke Combs‘ set even before he made it to country music mainstream. The country star wrote it in 2014 – just three months after moving to Nashville – with songwriters Thomas Archer and Taylor Phillips.

According to Archer, the song came to life, thanks to the descending riff he played on his acoustic guitar that got Combs all ears. “That’s when he started flipping through his idea book and had ‘Hurricane,'” Archer said.

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The three talented songsmiths then started writing the country ballad, inspired by the story of Combs’ friend who was fresh off from a breakup. He’s making every effort to move on – that he even thinks he could no longer head to any Nashville bar with the possibility of running into his ex-girlfriend.

Suddenly, ‘hurricane’ became an image of the feeling when you’re ruined by someone else. It’s about the feeling of knowing that the person who came into your life just made a massive impact, but not the right kind.

You can listen to Luke Combs’ “Hurricane” in the video below.


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