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LOOK: Rare 1981 Clip of George Strait’s “Down and Out” Gig Would Drive Fans Crazy

Beyond dispute, King of Country George Strait was one of the biggest cowboy heartthrobs in the Country music scene. Have you seen his 1981 performance of “Down and Out” yet? It was one of George Strait’s early performances in his career.

“Down and Out” was Strait’s follow-up to his debut single “Unwound.” It was also included in his breakout album “Strait Country” under MCA Records. This album has definitely placed George into the Country music pedestal when it peaked at number 16 for the Top Country Albums chart.

In one of his recorded early performances, we’ll see a young George Strait suavely singing his early hit, “Down and Out” atop a boat. Those in attendance could not have been more pleased to hear this kind of tune, following an era when Country music has leaned on Pop or fused with other genres. Since then, Strait has been praised for bringing Country music back to its roots.

Throughout the span of his career since his breakthrough in the early ‘80s, George has accumulated 60 number one hits which broke the record that was previously held by another music legend, Conway Twitty.

Producing hit after hit and gaining several multi-platinum albums, George Strait’s success would have been every songwriter’s dream. His singing career was fueled by his tremendous ability to translate songs that hit home but delivered smoothly and a tone that almost sounds like comfort. This skill gave life to hundreds of songs which has definitely helped dozens of songwriters particularly Dean Dillon.

Today, Strait continues to make great music and has several live performances lined up.

More Hits on Your List

Every George Strait song is definitely a must-listen. Throughout his career, he has never produced a mediocre or a bad song. That said, let us take a look back at some of the best ones that this legendary King of Country Music has ever released.

Amarillo by Morning

This may not have been a number one hit for George Strait, but it’s definitely one of the best in his career. His yearning vocal approach and the classic fiddle intro to this were the icings on the cake for this timeless hit.

Amarillo is a portrayal of faith and hope after one experienced misfortunes in life. This being one of the most played today among country music classics also proof of how timeless George Strait’s songs are.

“Give It Away”

This was the single that helped George Strait break Conway Twitty’s previous record for the most number 1 hits in the country music history. The song’s sarcastic lyrics about a break-up was a collaborative effort. It was penned by the veteran Jamey Johnson with the help of veteran tunesmith/producer, Buddy Cannon and Country music Hall of Fame member, Bill Anderson. This was all about Johnson’s divorce. In 2006, “Give It Away” cruised its way to the top of the chart.

“I Just Want to Dance”

Strait was known to be an all-country singer who sticks to the root sound of Country. But for this 1998 single, Strait stretched his boundaries just a bit. With the help of Roger Cook and the legendary singer-songwriter John Prine, Strait added a bit of “cha-cha” to his beat. This provided a lot of dance-floor moments for his fans.

“The Fireman”

One of the songs where George Strait incorporated a sensual theme. This was released in 1985 and it peaked at number 5. This was the time when George Strait was still slowly building up his name in the music industry. Nonetheless, this was one of the timeless songs that Strait has ever produced.

I Hate Everything

A single produced when George Strait was at his ’50s. “I Hate Everything” presented sound wisdom from someone who’s gone ahead in life. It was portrayed through an older man’s indirect counsel to someone younger so he may not repeat the same mistakes he did.


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