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More than His Artistic Posture, Keith Urban Shows His Father’s Heart On Stage

Each star shines with a different glimmer, each with his own size, each with his own brightness. But we can always say that these big stars have uniqueness of their own. Some are better shining alone, but there are also some who share their brightness with other stars.

The singer-songwriter Keith Urban is famous for having interactive concerts. He would often call in fans to stage to either make that person feel special, or simply entertain the crowd with a fan moment onstage. He would invite them for a talk and to sing songs together, thus creating an unforgettable night not just for that lucky fan but for all those in attendance.

His Background

Urban was raised in Australia where his family ran a convenience store. There his father found him a guitar teacher, Sue McCarthy. He then started competing in local contests and even took part in a theater show. Soon, he discovered his musical style, but still with inspiration from two rock stars, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac).

Later in his life in 1983, he competed in an Australian talent show called, “New Faces.” After that big break, he became a regular on a local music club in Bald Hills. He also became a member of a band named, “Kids Country” which performs on holidays.

In his career, he managed to compose 48 singles, 20 of those became #1 and scored a great hit on US Hot Country Song Charts including his singles “Start a Band” and his highest debuting “Once in a Lifetime”.

A Soft Spot for Children

After becoming a father of two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, Keith Urban developed a soft spot for children in his shows. Some of his fans even aspire to become like him.

In 2016, he enthusiastically invited two sisters onstage. He found out the elder sister dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter. Urban gave the girl a guitar, acted as her technical adviser, and opened up an opportunity for the girl to show off her talent to thousands of attendees in the concert.

He also once invited a little girl onstage wearing t-shirt saying “It’s my birthday and I’m going to see Keith Urban”. Keith loved the effort the girl made for him on her birthday, so he lead his audience to sing a birthday song for her.

As an inspiring artist and one who possesses great mastery in singing and songwriting, Keith Urban indeed can effortlessly round people to naturally admire him. Onstage, he won’t just stand there as an artist, but will show his side as a doting father to young aspiring artists. He would encouraged them, boost their confidence and self-esteem, and by being a humble guide. All these gestures were highly appreciated by those who witnessed it.

Keith Urban Today

Who Keith Urban is today was not only because of the big breaks in his life. He once hit his lowest point in life when he got addicted in the use of cocaine. Fortunately, he soon realized his mistake and had himself admitted in a rehab center in Cumberland Heights, Nashville. He decided to get back on his feet for his wife Nicole Kidman and their family.

He came back in 2008 announcing the completion of his rehab and had a tour featuring one of his albums, “Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing.”

Because of his love for music, Urban also acquired several awards during his career such as his 2001 Top Male Vocalist Award, Best Country Award- Golden Award in 2003, Male Vocalist Award in 2004. His most recent award includes his 2019 Academy of Music Country Award, Entertainer of the Year and CMT Music Awards Collaborative Video of the Year- Coming Home.

We might not always know the whole picture of these big stars’ journey, how they reached their peak and all the obstacles they passed through. Regardless of their pasts, what matters more now is the way they’re using their platforms to be an inspiration for others.

For Keith Urban, he always has a big space opened in his heart for admirers where he welcomes them share in his limelight particularly those little stars who dream to one day shine bright like their idol.


Keith Urban

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