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Meet Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s Daughters: A Rare Look

Nicole Kidam and Keith Urban Children

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s daughters recently made an appearance at the 2021 Golden Globes Broadcast during the opening monologue. The two siblings – Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret – were both dressed in white to cheer for their mom, and this was one of the few moments that the actress and country crooner shared their kids in the spotlight. And without exaggeration, for many of those who are looking forward to seeing them in full light, this is worth their weight in gold. 

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And so, let’s get to know Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s kids. 

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Sunday arrived unexpectedly into the lives of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The actress had been suffering from infertility issues even before when she was still married to co-actor Tom Cruise, which was why they chose to adopt instead. And so, having Sunday biologically was such a joy for the couple.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban first met back in January 2005 at a Hollywood event honoring Australians, and in a whirlwind kind of romance, the two started dating 6 months after. And on June 25, 2006, Nicole and Keith got married at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel at St. Patrick’s Estate in Manly, New South Wales. 

After trying for nearly two years, the two announced their pregnancy on January 7, 2008. 

The name ‘Sunday’ was actually suggested by her maternal grandfather. In an interview with Kidman’s father, Antony, he said that he had read about Sunday Reed and her husband John, and she was known as a key mover and shaker in the arts during the beginning of the century. The name Sunday struck him as a nice name for a woman, so he and his wife mentioned it to the couple. On the other hand, Rose was a nod to Urban’s late grandmother Rose. 

Sunday Rose is more commonly known as Sunny (a heartwarming moniker given to her by her dad) now, and just like her mom, she has caught the acting bug. 

The now 12-year-old already has 3 acting credits to her name, with the first one being on her mom’s show Big Little Lies in 2017 and then a voice-over role for The Angry Birds Movie 2 in 2019. And most recently, she also appeared in another of her mom’s shows, The Undoing. But it looks like Sunday is more interested in something more than acting. In an interview with Nicole Kidman, she said that after she asked what her daughters wanted to become in the future, Sunday answered that she would still be in the film industry not as an actress but as a director. And she was definitely confident that she could make it happen. 

Aside from acting, it looks like Sunday is also a budding photographer. Last 2019 on Father’s Day, Keith uploaded a playful photo of him in a mid-air jump, and apparently, the shot was taken by none other than Sunday. While the image is not as crisp, it was definitely not blurry, which is good coming from a 10-year-old! 

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban

The second of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s kids, Faith Margaret, has a different yet equally interesting story. Unlike her older sister, Sunday, Faith was carried by a surrogate. Keith Urban and family kept the whole pregnancy a secret, and the news of Faith’s birth was only announced after the 2011 Golden Globes Awards ceremony. 

Faith was born on December 28, 2010, at The Women’s Hospital at Centennial in Nashville through a gestational carrier whom the couple feels so incredibly grateful for. In a story from Women’s Magazine, Faith, who is turning 11 this year, had already met “Aunty Sheila,” the surrogate who carried her when she was 6. According to a source, it was definitely a touching and emotional meeting, and Nicole, as well as the surrogate, had difficulty holding back their tears. 

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Kidman and Urban never shied away from telling Faith how she was carried and born, so she wasn’t really phased by it all. Though she did ask a lot of questions after that. 

And just like her sister, Faith has also caught the acting bug, a seemingly phenomenon in their household. She acted alongside her mom and sister in Big Little Lies as well as The Undoing. And she also had a voice-over role in The Angry Birds Movie 2

Sunday and Faith and their Tight-Knit Family

Aside from acting, Nicole Kidman’s daughters love to swim in the ocean, which is one thing the four of them all enjoy. Nicole revealed that they’re all fish people, and they would drive to the beach everyday even if the drive would take 45 minutes and just swim for two. And despite the couple’s busy schedule, they make sure that the girls know that family time is important. They would have sit-down dinners, and Keith Urban’s kids are very involved in the couple’s private lives. 

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s Kids (Photos & Videos)

Nicole Kidman’s daughters with Keith Urban are so important to the actress that there’s only a handful of photos of them on social media. But every now and then, the couple give fans a glimpse of their inside roles as parents. And here are some of their photos.

One of Nicole Kidman’s daughters Sunday took a beautiful Sunday walk with her mom. 

Sunday and Faith behind a large clock overlooking a beautiful view in Paris.

Keith Urban’s kids with their mom, Nicole, giving respect to all the servicemen and women. 

Here is Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s daughters’ special appearance in the 2021 Golden Globe Awards.

Check more of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s beautiful daughters: Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, in the video below.