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Ricky Skaggs Sings to Us About Suffering and Following Jesus

A Talk about Suffering

Will suffering ever end? It’s a common thing that we ask ourselves because no one wants to suffer for the rest of our lives. However, we cannot do anything to end suffering. Even when we haven’t existed yet, suffering has already been created. It will always remain even if we are gone. But the question is why? Why do we have to suffer? When will the suffering end?

talk about suffering ricky skaggs tony rice
Photo Credit: About Suffering/ crosswalk.com

The reason why suffering exists is that it’s our only way to heaven. If this world has no suffering, then evil will persist forever. We definitely don’t want that to happen, right? That is why sometimes, we have to go through suffering in order to live an eternal happy life someday.

Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice About Suffering

The talk about suffering is seen in a traditional hymn written years ago. It was recorded by Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice on their album, Skaggs and Rice. The song “Talk About Suffering” gently reminds us of the difference between this world and the world God prepared for us. As you can see, the first stanza stated the fact that suffering does exist here on earth, and the only way to end it is to follow Jesus. If we follow Him, we are then certain that we are saving ourselves from this world.

Talk about suffering here below
And let’s keep a-followin’ Jesus
Talk about suffering here below
And let’s keep a-lovin’ Jesus

Folks, we cannot end suffering but, we can follow Jesus. He will lead us to an eternal life where suffering doesn’t exist at all.

Ricky Skaggs Talk About suffering tony rice
Photo Credit: Ricky Skaggs/ David Redfern/ Redferns

Here’s Skaggs’ live performance of “Talk of Suffering.” Listen to his wonderful voice, where he was not accompanied by any instruments. Now, that is pure talent.

The Album

Skaggs and Rice is a collaborative album by the two. They released it in 1980 and reissued it in 2012. The album didn’t score a spot on the Billboard chart. but it contained wonderful renditions of some gospel songs and bluegrass music.


  1. “Bury Me Beneath the Willow”
  2. “Mansions for Me”
  3. “More Pretty Girls Than One”
  4. “Memories of Mother and Dad”
  5. “Where the Soul of Man Never Dies”
  6. “Talk About Suffering”
  7. “Will the Roses Bloom (Where She Lies Sleeping)”
  8. “Tennessee Blues”
  9. “The Old Crossroads”
  10. “Have You Someone (In Heaven Awaiting)”


Ricky Skaggs

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