October 18

Patty Loveless Sings the Importance of Romance in “I’m That Kind of Girl”

Patty Loveless is one of the breakout artists of the ’90s era. Her remarkable hits such as “I Try to Think About Elvis,” and “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am” are some of her successful tracks back in the days. However, she is underrated, and only a few country fans still listen to her in today’s age but her timeless classic songs will always be remembered.

One of her best songs is her 1991 classic “I’m That Kind of Girl.”

Patty Loveless Knows that She is that Kind of Girl

This Patty Loveless-track is written by Matraca Berg and Ronnie Samoset. It was recorded by Patty for her album On Down the Line. This was their first collaboration together and they later did another song in 2003.

patty loveless, i'm that kind of girl
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The track reached number 5 at the Billboard Hot Country singles and it spent 20 weeks on the chart. The official music video for the song features Patty with several different outfits. The video depicted a scene where a boy and an older man give their respect to a girl. Something that we are supposed to give to every woman we know.

Lyrics Breakdown

I’m getting tired of these one-night stands
But if you’re lookin’ for a real romance

Sometimes, people tend to forget that we are emotional beings. This track reminds us that we may be fine with occasional one-night stands, but we will still look for that one special thing. A long-lasting relationship is everyone’s goal or at least what most of us want. A special connection, a friend to count on, a family that loves us unconditionally are the qualities that we are looking for in a relationship.

 patty loveless , i'm that kind of girl
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If you’re the kind of person who just wants a physically-driven relationship, you might one day get tired of it. A genuine and healthy relationship with someone you truly love is one of the best things to experience in this world.

Listen to Patty Loveless’ Timeless classic here:


Patty Loveless

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