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Ricky Skaggs

Latest Stories

Ricky Skaggs + You May See Me Walkin'

“You May See Me Walkin’” by Ricky Skaggs Helps you Get Over your Ex

What better way to move on from a relationship than to sway joyfully to “You May See Me Walking” by Ricky Skaggs?

Where the Soul Never Dies

The Many Versions of “Where the Soul Never Dies” by Country Artists

“Where the Soul Never Dies” tells about the blessings of heaven whose great words and tune of Golden or Never Die all came from William Matthew Golden.

Country Boy - Ricky Skaggs

Enjoy Ricky Skaggs’ 1985 Hit, “Country Boy,” Along Its Iconic Music Video

On June 15, 1985, Ricky Skaggs song “Country Boy” hit the No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs spot for one week. Furthermore, it spends a total of 19 weeks on the chart. His song “Country Boy” earned him his ninth number one spot on the charts.

Ricky Scaggs Facts

Here Are Facts About Ricky Skaggs, Who Helped Shape The Course Of Country And Bluegrass Music

There's perhaps no other artist who has shaped the course of country and bluegrass music than Ricky Skaggs. Get to know more about him with these facts.

Ricky Scaggs Songs

The Best Ricky Skaggs Songs: The Man Who Courageously Saved Country Music

The moment you'll listen to Ricky Skaggs songs, you'll quickly understand why he's being credited for saving country music during the Urban Cowboy era.

7-Year-Old Ricky Skaggs Performs “Foggy Mountain Special” On Live TV

Little Ricky Skaggs Performing “Foggy Mountain Special” Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See

Let's take a trip down the country memory lane with this rare footage of a seven-year-old Ricky Skaggs performing "Foggy Mountain Special" on live TV.

Ricky Skaggs Mesmerized CMA Viewers With His Version of “There Goes My Everything” 

Ricky Skaggs was invited by the CMA to make a cover for the song "There Goes My Everything" by Jack Greene for their 50th anniversary.

Ricky Skaggs Soared To The Top of the Charts With "Highway 40 Blues"

Ricky Skaggs Soared To The Top of the Charts With “Highway 40 Blues”

"Highway 40 Blues," a hit song of Ricky Skaggs was inspired by a route. Songwriter Larry Cordle wrote the first verse of the song passing through that road.

Ricky Skaggs’ “Somebody’s Praying” is a Track We Need Right Now

Amidst all the mass shootings that happened in the span of a week, America is in dire need of guidance. This Ricky Skaggs-track is perfect for reflecting on the things that we should start doing.

Celebrating Ricky Skaggs 65th Birthday with his song “Country Boy”

Rickie Lee Skaggs, professionally known as Ricky Skaggs, will be celebrating his 65th birthday this year. Join us as we remember his legacy and how he came into the world of country music. 

Ricky Skaggs Joins a 10-Year Old Kid on a Performance of “Blue Moon of Kentucky”

Ricky Skaggs, a country music Hall of Famer, joins this young kid trying to reach his dream of being a country star.

Ricky Skaggs Sings to Us About Suffering and Following Jesus

Ricky Skaggs collaborated with Tony Rice to release their album Skaggs and Rice. In their album, they have included the traditional hymn "Talk About Suffering."