February 11

Little Ricky Skaggs Performing “Foggy Mountain Special” Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See

Let’s take a trip down the country memory lane with this rare yet special footage of little Ricky Skaggs. Back in January 1962, the Kentucky native was only seven years old, but he’s already proving to the world that he was destined to be the bluegrass and country music legend he is today.

During his appearance on The Flatt & Scruggs Grand Ole Opry TV Show, young Skaggs walked up on stage with all the confidence in the world. He told guitar-banjo duo and bluegrass royalties Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs: “I wanna pick.”

And pick he did! Next thing you know, Skaggs is already heading to the shorter microphone, revealing to the audience that he’d be playing “Foggy Mountain Special” – which appeared on Flatt & Scruggs’ 1957 album, Foggy Mountain Jamboree. 

And his performance was nothing but incredible. Talk about natural talent! Skaggs briefly went off stage for a while, but he was asked to get back for another round of amazing performance. This time Skaggs tackled “Ruby” with vocals.

A Once in A Lifetime Opportunity

During a golden era of honky-tonk sounds in American music, The Flatt & Scruggs Grand Ole Opry TV Show has been an integral part. The half-hour TV program aired weekly, featuring guests like Maybelle Carter and a lot more famous singers of the era.

Meanwhile, Ricky Skaggs‘ father thought it would be a sure ticket to success if his son got a chance to sing on the Grand Ole Opry. So, the family moved from Kentucky to Goodlettsville, right outside of Nashville. The elder Skaggs eventually found a way to sneak his little boy in and was asked to audition for The Flatt & Scruggs Grand Ole Opry TV Show. And the rest is history! 

Today, we get to enjoy Ricky Skaggs songs as they become the pillar of country music.

Well, aren’t we all lucky to see Skaggs before he became a superstar and a member of the Country Music Hall of fame? Make sure to check out the adorable footage below.


Ricky Skaggs

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