Shania Twain Revealed The Sexual Abuse She Suffered From Stepfather


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December 12, 2022


December 12, 2022


December 12, 2022

Country star Shania Twain opened up about the traumatic experience she went through as a child – as well as the extreme lengths she took in order to avoid being abused by none other than her stepfather, Jerry Twain.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the “You’re Still The One” singer revealed that she grew up being sexually and physically abused by her late stepdad. And the only way she coped up was by changing her physical appearance.

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Twain said she would flatten her boobs by wearing bras that were too small enough for her – she would even wear two at times to make sure her breasts were unnoticeable or until she no longer looked like a girl. “It was terrible — you didn’t want to be a girl in my house,” she said.

But An Unfortunate Event Made Her Come To Accept Her Own Sexuality

In 1987, Shania Twain‘s stepfather and mother died in a car accident. She was only twenty-two years old at the time. But being the second-oldest of five siblings, Twain had to help in raising her three younger siblings under the impoverished conditions in Timmins, Ontario. 

Soon enough, she embarked on a career in music and eventually found success. While society led her to several unpleasantries that made her ashamed of being a girl, she was later able to manage her own expectations. 

Today, she’s one of the biggest stars out there, the queen of country pop! How empowered and comfortable she is in her own skin is often reflected in her music. In fact, her sixth original full-length album, Queen Of Me – her first in six years – delivers a clear message of how powerful it is to be a woman. 

Truly, there is always a rainbow after the rain falls.


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