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Remember When Miranda Lambert Joined Jason Aldean for “Drowns the Whiskey”?

Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert joined forces together on “Drowns the Whiskey.” The song was released in 2018 as the second single off Aldean’s album Rearview Town. It reached No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart, where it then stayed for a further week and peaked at No. 3 on the Hot Country Songs. 

Aldean gave Lambert full credit for turning this collaboration into a smash. He said, “The thing with Miranda, she’s a great harmony singer. She doesn’t sing it technically perfect, which I like, but she’s so stylistic in the way that she sings it that it just sounds great. And her voice blends with mine really well, and we just sound good together.”

Well, this is actually not the first time the two country superstars have joined forces. Alden and Lambert toured together quite frequently in the early years of their careers and even recorded a previous song together, titled “Grown Woman,” off Aldean’s 2007 album, Relentless.

“I always thought we sounded great together,” Aldean said. “I’ve always loved her voice, and I’ve always wanted to do something else with her and make her more of a featured part.”

Traditionally Leaning Track of Heartbreak And All The Woes That Come With It

Written by Josh Thompson, Brandon Kinney, and Jeff Middleton, “Drowns the Whiskey” is one’s vain attempt to drown the memory of a former lover by drinking whiskey, but starting to notice that his lover’s memory is drowning the whiskey instead. 

“Whiskey’s supposed to drown the memory. I’ve gone from one to one too many. And the thing that really gets me. Is how your memory drowns the whiskey,” the song goes. Though the song is mainly carried by Aldean, with Lambert providing harmonies as support, the result is nothing but spectacular. 

Surprisingly, “Drowns the Whiskey” was not meant to be a duet. Aldean explained, “I just thought she would sound great on it.” 

“Because it’s a little more on the traditional side, which she tends to lean toward a little bit. So I sent it, and she jumped on it and came in, and you heard the rest,” he added.

And This Duet Would Not Have Been Possible

“I dig Miranda,” Aldean candidly said. “I think she’s a great artist. I’ve always said if I was a female, I probably do the kind of stuff Miranda does, like ‘Kerosene.'”

So when it’s time to put the material together for Rearview Town, Aldean decided to send Lambert a song. He had a few in mind that he thought she would sound good on and was able to finally pick one.

However, the song Aldean sent along did not manage to impress Lambert. “I had one that I sent…and she was kinda iffy on the song,” Aldean admitted. “And so I just said, ‘You know, if you don’t like this one, that’s fine, let’s find something cool to do.'”

So, he sent her another song, it was “Drowns the Whiskey,” and Lambert didn’t need any more convincing; it was right up her alley.

Aldean shared Lambert’s extreme reaction when she heard the song for the first time. “When I sent her that one, she kind of flipped out,” he said. “She was on board then. And then she came in to sing it and nailed it.”

You can watch Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert’s remarkable duet in the song’s music video below.


Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert

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