June 28, 2019

Tim McGraw’s “Humble And Kind:” An Inspirational Message from a Parent

Staying humble and kind brings peace in a person’s life. Maybe Tim McGraw can share with us an inspirational message written from a parent to her children with his song Humble and Kind.

Humble And Kind, Tim McGraw
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Being a parent means having an obligation to protect their children and take them away from any harm or danger. Yes, we might not understand them sometimes, but let us think of what they are going through. We sometimes do not see the hardships they have gone through just to provide our needs and wants.

“Humble and Kind”

Humble And Kind, Tim
Photo Credit: Tim McGraw/ youtube.com by Screengrab

The song was first recorded by Tim McGraw. It was released in January 2016 as the second single from his 14th album, Damn Country Music. American songwriter Lori Mckenna penned it while Byron Gallimore and Tim produced the song. This song has a huge impact on McGraw’s career since this song became certified platinum and it reached the top of the country charts in the US and Canada.

“Humble and Kind” accumulated major awards such as Best Country Song at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, Video of the Year at 2016 CMT Music Awards, Song of the Year at 2016 CMA Awards, and many more. In addition, he performed this song in 2016 ACM Awards.

The Song’s Theme

Humble And Kind, Tim
Via Youtube By Screengrab

“Humble And Kind” shares the narrator’s story and what gave her the idea to pen this song. The story goes like this, it was a school day at her house. She took her children to school and went back home.  While sitting in the dining room, looking at her window, she saw a guitar and played it. As the couple stays at home while their children are at school, they had a so-called Spaghetti Day because it was a tiring day and she cannot cook anything for their dinner. They have no choice but to have spaghetti because the mom can cook it in about 10 minutes.

Moreover, as the couple was thinking about what they want for their kids,  they come up with the idea of writing it down instead of saying it because their children do not listen to them.

“Humble And Kind,” it is a simple song from a parent to their children. It lists the things that a parent wants for their children put in rhyme form. The narrator then sings the song and sent it to Tim. The simple song comes with an amazing and inspirational message with the help of Tim.

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