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Don Williams’ “I Believe In You:” The Biggest Record of His Career

In 1980, Don Williams’ “I Believe In You” was released as the first single and title track from his tenth album – and it became his biggest record ever.

It actually reached the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Song chart, staying at No. 1 for two weeks while spending a total of twelve remarkable weeks. It even reached a decent No. 24 on Billboard’s Hot 100 pop chart, Williams’ only appearance on the said chart. 

But not only that, “I Believe In You” is actually one of Don Williams songs that was a massive hit in other regions, especially in Canada and New Zealand.

Story Behind The Song 

Written by Roger Cook and Sam Hogin, “I Believe In You” tells the tale of a man who doesn’t believe in many things, except for one – the power of love.

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Cook, the first British songwriter to be recognized by the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, gave a glimpse of how the song came into fruition. 

He revealed that when he finished the song’s first draft, he held onto it for about a year. This is because he realized that most of the “lyrical images were dumb,” especially that it took a piece of thought from social, political, and economic issues.

Cook then enlisted the help of songwriter Sam Hogin to rewrite the song and turn it into a simple, personal statement.

Few days after Cook completed the demo, everything seemed to fall into place when Williams’ producer, Garth Fundis, asked Cook if he had something fitting for the singer’s next album. Cook gladly suggested “I Believe In You,” which impressed Don Williams so much he did not change anything from Cook’s demo. In fact, they recruited Cook’s demo guitarist to make sure the guitar lick would stay the same.

And, indeed, it was worthwhile.  

Make sure to listen to “I Believe In You” by Don Williams in the video below.


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