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July 31, 2021


July 31, 2021


July 31, 2021

With his smooth baritone voice, Don Williams songs defined sounds of country music all through the 1970s and 1980s and were even among the best hits the genre has ever seen.

Williams has been a country music superstar for decades. Famous for being “The Gentle Giant,” he has released a myriad of hits, received the genre’s highest honor of being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame – and of course, was adored by everyone for his laid-back style.

So, in honor of the country legend, let’s look back at some of Don Williams‘ greatest hits ever released.

1. “‘Til the Rivers All Run Dry”

From: Harmony (1975)

Released as the first single off his album Harmony, which is his only album to have reached No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart, the song took the theme of easy going proclamations of love as he vowed for his devotion to last until the sun falls from the sky.

2. “Tulsa Time”

From: Expressions (1978)

This was perhaps Williams’ most rocking performance that, as a matter of fact, “Tulsa Time” has been covered several times – with Eric Clapton’s version being the most notable one. 

After reaching No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, several accolades came to Williams’ way. In fact, the mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma, at that time presented him with the key to the city and dedicated February 4, 1979, as Tulsa’s ‘Don Williams Day.’

3. “Good Ole Boys Like Me”
From: Portrait (1980)

Written by Bob McDill, the song is jam-packed with all the standard southern themes. “Good Ole Boys Like Me” was inspired by Robert Penn’s novel A Place to Come To, which tells the life of a poor southern boy.

4. “Lay Down Beside Me”
From: Expressions (1979)

Though it was Williams who penned this heartwarming ballad, it was actually first recorded by Kenny Rogers. Williams released his own version two years later and brought the song to country radio mainstream – reaching No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

5. “I Believe in You”

From: I Believe in You (1980)

The song is definitely Williams’ biggest hit. In fact, it’s his only crossover pop hit – reaching No. 8 on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart. 

“I Believe in You” was also a hit in Australia and Europe and was best received in New Zealand.

6. “You’re My Best Friend”
From: You’re My Best Friend (1975)

“You’re My Best Friend” is one of Williams’ signature songs, which catapulted him to international recognition, especially in Great Britain. 

The touching ballad embraced one of those themes that we are all familiar with – honoring the love and friendship of a long-term romantic partner.

7. “She Never Knew Me”

From: Harmony (1976)

Bob McDill and Wayland Holyfield combined their talents together for a song inspired by Glen Campbell’s “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” – and the result was another country hit for Williams. 

8. “If Hollywood Don’t Need You (Honey I Still Do)”

From: Listen to the Radio (1982)

Williams appeared in two movies throughout his career, both of which also featured an appearance by Burt Reynolds – whom he pays tribute to in this song.

9. “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good”

From: Especially for You (1981)

“Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good” long-cherished ballad is an ordinary man’s solemn and modest morning prayer which Williams sang so gently and tenderly that you’d definitely be forced to listen to every word.

10. “Love Is on a Roll”

From: Yellow Moon (1983)

Written by Roger Cook and John Prine, the two prove that ideas for songs could come from anything and anyplace. According to Cook, they got the idea for the song while watching a football game at Prine’s house. The result was a No. 1 hit for Williams. 

11. “Another Place, Another Time”

From: Traces (1988)

“Another Place, Another Time” is absolutely one of Williams’ best singles during his later years. It sings about a love that could have happened – only if the timing was right.

12. “If I Needed You”

From: Emmylou Harris’ Cimarron (1981)

Emmylou Harris enlisted Williams for a duet of “If I Needed You,” which became one of the most romantic duos in country music – with their voices blending beautifully. 

13. “Rake and Ramblin’ Man”

From: Country Boy (1978)

While most country crooners record tunes that are geared toward the female population, Williams’ “Rake and Ramblin’ Man” did the opposite. It’s a song that many men relate to, especially those who are about to enter parenthood.

14. “Nobody but You”

From: Yellow Moon (1983)

The romantic love song was written by J.D. Martin and John Jarrard, which charted both on the country charts of the United States and Canada.

15. “Just as Long as I Have You”

From: One Good Well (1990)

Though Williams wasn’t the first to chart with the song, it became a fan favorite when he released it in 1990. 

Don Williams Songs That Should Be On Your Playlist

Surely, Williams’ soothing voice is enough to put you at an instant sense of ease while he carries you around the worlds and stories he tells in his songs. Here are some more you should check out! 

  • “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend”
  • “I Wouldn’t Want to Live If You Didn’t Love Me”
  • “(Turn Out the Light And) Love Me Tonight”
  • “Say It Again”
  • “I’m Just a Country Boy”
  • “It Must Be Love”
  • “Love Me Over Again”
  • “Stay Young”
  • “That’s the Thing About Love”
  • “Heartbeat in the Darkness”

So, did you enjoy this list of Don Williams songs? Which are your favorites?


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