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“I Just Fall In Love Again” by Anne Murray Will Pull At Your Heartstrings

When Canadian country-pop superstar Anne Murray heard “I Just Fall in Love Again” as recorded by her favorite female pop singer, she was inspired to record her own version of the song. 

Released as one of Anne Murray songs in early 1979 off her Platinum-selling album New Kind of Feeling, Murray’s version topped Billboard’s Country and Adult Contemporary charts for remarkably three weeks. It also peaked at No. 11 on the Cash Box Top 100 while No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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Anne Murray‘s “I Just Fall in Love Again” was the first of her three successive No. 1 Country hits and four consecutive No. 1 Adult Contemporary hits during 1979 and 1980.

A Song That Will Make You Fall In Love Again

Written by Steve Dorff, Harry Lloyd, Larry Herbstritt, and Gloria Sklerov, “I Just Fall in Love Again” tells the tale of a woman who found a man with some serious charm that every time they touch, she can’t help but fall in love with him again.

“And oh, I just fall in love again. Just one touch, and then it happens every time. There I go by, just fall in love again and when I do, I can’t help myself. I fall in love with you,” the song goes.

Steve Dorff had a lot of faith in this song that he kept pushing artists to record it. “I always thought that was going to be a monster, from the minute we did the demo,” he said.

Finally, in 1977, it was recorded by The Carpenters for the duo’s album Passage. However, The Carpenters’ record label decided not to release the song because it was considered too long for Top 40 radio stations to play during that time, and it could not be shortened.

A year later, pop singer Dusty Springfield recorded the song and released it in early 1979 off her Living Without Your Love album. But then again, the track was never released as a single and went mostly unnoticed by the listening public because of lack of promotion for the album. 

But not with Murray! Springfield was one of her favorite singers, and she was immediately inspired to record her own version of “I Just Fall in Love Again.” Murray also included the song as a posthumous duet with Dusty Springfield on her own 2007 album Duets: Friends & Legends.

Tune in and watch Anne Murray’s heartwarming performance of “I Just Fall In Love Again” in the video below.


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