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Anne Murray

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Kenny Rogers & Anne Murray + If I Ever Fall In Love Again

Kenny Rogers and Anne Murray Gives Love A Second Chance With “If I Ever Fall in Love Again”

Two of the biggest names in country music, Kenny Rogers and Anne Murray, sing about loving again after a heartbreak in “If I Ever Fall in Love Again.” 

Top 10 Heartwarming Christmas Duets to Get You in the Holiday Spirit2

Top 10 Heartwarming Christmas Duets to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Discover the perfect harmony of the season with these top 10 Christmas duets. This set of heartwarming songs will, without a doubt, fill your holidays with joy and nostalgia.  

Faith, Hope, and Trust: Anne Murray's "Put Your Hand in the Hand"

Faith, Hope, and Trust: Anne Murray’s “Put Your Hand in the Hand”

Keeping faith in the Lord during these trying times might be confusing, but Anne Murray's "Put Your Hand in the Hand" reminds us to trust Him more.

Anne Murray's Marriage and family

Meet Anne Murray: Her Story of Love and Family

Dubbed as America’s Canadian sweetheart, Anne Murray has been a woman of success who earned an impressive award tally throughout her music career.

Whatever Happened to Anne Murray?

Where is Anne Murray now? A Peek at the Singer’s Current Life

Canadian singer Anne Murray has undoubtedly made her stamp in the music industry, selling over 54 million records. Ever wonder where she is now?

Anne Murray's "A Little Good News"

Anne Murray’s “A Little Good News” Brings Hope To The Chaos

Though it was released nearly four decades ago, the theme of Anne Murray’s “A Little Good News” about inhumanity and cruelty is just as timely today.

Anne Murray's "Danny's Song"

Anne Murray’s “Danny’s Song” And The Touching Story Behind It

Anne Murray’s “Danny’s Song” became one of the most successful hits for the country-pop star, making it on three of the biggest Billboard Charts.

“I Just Fall In Love Again” by Anne Murray Will Pull At Your Heartstrings

"I Just Fall In Love Again" became the number one country hit of 1979. Even though Anne Murray didn't feel the song very "country".

The Story Behind Anne Murray’s “Could I Have This Dance”

There’s something about love songs that seems to provoke a certain dose of sentimentality. Anne Murray’s “Could I Have This Dance” is no different.

Anne Murray’s "Snowbird"

Anne Murray’s “Snowbird” Is A Beautiful Song Well Worth A Listen

Anne Murray's "Snowbird" is actually the track that brought her to international stardom, kicking off a string of Canadian No. 1 hits.

Anne Murray Songs

Anne Murray Songs Delighting Millions Through The Years

With her melodious and warm voice, it was no longer a surprise when Anne Murray songs climbed up the ladder of success at their highest point.

Anne Murray's "You needed Me"

Anne Murray’s “You Needed Me” Goes A Long Way In Truly Loving Someone

If you’ve been in love with someone, this romantic ballad might be familiar to you. Anne Murray’s “You needed Me” is a song you’d surely relate to.

Anne Murray Needs A Million Miracles To Stop The Pain in “Broken Hearted Me”

"Broken Hearted Me" by Anne Murray portrays the inability of time to heal a broken heart. It sill also include facts about the song.

Anne Murray, a Physical Education Teacher-Turned Country Superstar

Who knew that before pursuing country music, Anne Murray was first a teacher. Yes, she's the first Canadian country artist to reach the top spot on the American music charts.

Love is in the Air with Anne Murray’s “Just Another Woman In Love”

"Just Another Woman In Love" is a song written by Patti Ryan and Wanda Malette. This song was Murray's eighth number 1 hit released on the Billboard's Country singles.

Anne Murray, the “Snowbird” Singer, Celebrates Her 74th Birthday

Anne Murray, the singer who popularized the song "Snowbird," is celebrating her 74th birthday today.