January 18

Faith, Hope, and Trust: Anne Murray’s “Put Your Hand in the Hand”

Nothing feels lighter than surrendering everything; your fears, dreams, plans, and hopes to the Lord’s.

Anne Murray’s “Put Your Hand in the Hand,” written by Gene MacLellan, is a gospel track from her album Honey, Wheat and Laughter. Since the song’s release in 1970, several artists have covered the piece, including Elvis Presley, Larry Norman, Shirley Caesar, Bing Crosby, and Ray Dylan.

Meaning Behind the Song

“Put Your Hand in the Hand” by Anne Murray speaks to us about establishing an essential relationship with Him, having faith, and trusting the Lord with all our hearts. It is one of Anne Murray’s songs that stirs a spiritual sense in us.

In a live performance of Anne’s version, she told everyone that the song she’ll be singing next is a huge hit and that no matter what everyone says, she still feels like it is her song because she recorded it first.

The song feels like a hymn in the live version because a heavenly-sounding choir joined Anne after the first verse. The choir definitely stood out and created a new feeling to the song, making us get goosebumps while listening to it.

The song is pretty straightforward in telling us to trust the Lord and have faith in Him. We all know that today’s times are challenging, and we are confused as to why this is happening. Yet “Put Your Hand in the Hand” by Anne Murray is a reminder not to lose faith as we continue to live the life we have.

Pause and internalize the song’s message by listening to it below.


Anne Murray

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