November 25

Orville Peck Dramatizes ‘Fancy,’ a Song He Loved from Bobbie Gentry and Reba McEntire

‘Wear your mask at all times’ is an unprecedented reminder coming from the man who is shrouded by mysteries ever since he debuted in the country music industry in 2019. As he enters the virtual stage in 2020, Orville Peck’s ‘Fancy’ is sure to win your heart as it will feature one of the classical dramas of country music.

On Monday, he announced that he is about to share a live version of the song, which is highly anticipated by people who wanted to unravel his identity.

Masks on Everyone!

‘Fancy’ is also about to get featured in his 2020 Rodeo Livestream shot around August through Veeps. With masks on and the uniquely styled persona of Peck, he and his whole band were allowed to fit onstage altogether despite the community social precautions. Reviewing the clip, he expressed how he finds the moment precious as it’s rare nowadays for artists to get together.

In an interview, the masked singer-songwriter also revealed how he adored both Reba McEntire and Bobbie Gentry’s versions of the song since his childhood. In his version, he believes that ‘Fancy’ is an open-ended single and the story of the song will change as different singers like himself add their own spin. He added that he wanted his version of ‘Fancy’ to have its own music video because simply hearing it isn’t going to be much of an experience. People need to see them in action too.

Some of the times he performed ‘Fancy’ is when he released ‘Show Pony EP’ in August. With this album, he was able to perform a duet with Shania Twain for ‘Legends Never Die’ which is a part of the six-track album.

Singing is Storytelling

Orville Peck endlessly commends Bobbie Gentry for one spectacular song, ‘Fancy.’ It’s kind-of singer dependent and simple changes in delivery can really get the storytelling around. In Gentry’s time, it was able to hit the Top 30 on the country charts and a Top 10 in Adult Contemporary hits in the year 1969. As for Reba McEntire’s version in 1991, it managed to land on the Top 10 of country charts and was recognized as a platinum-certified single.

Whether it’s the rags-to-riches version of Gentry or the beloved version of McEntire, for Orville Peck, his career was rooted from these covers and now, it’s ready to bud as his own personal fruit. This time, it’s all about drama.


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