Reba McEntire is definitely one of the country icons we all look up to. That’s why she is considered by some as the “Queen of Country.” She is not only one of the all-time best-selling country artists. She has also expanded her brand in television, clothing, shoes and housewares.  Her career started in 1977 and after all her achievements. She became a hall of famer in 2011.

In 1990, her song “Fancy” was released and became  her all-time greatest hits. This song talks about a woman who was crippled with extreme poverty and abandoned by her husband. The woman them sends her 18-year old daughter to be a prostitute.  The daughter (Fancy) is very successful at her work, but is haunted by the memory of her sad and desperate mother.

This was written by Bobby Gentry and first appeared on her 1969 album Fancy. Gentry is known for her 1967 hit “Ode To Billie Joe.


I found this adorable little girl singing her cover of “Fancy”.  45 seconds into the video and you’ll have an overload of cuteness. It’s actually a difficult song to pull through but the 4-year-old doesn’t seem intimidated at all. And I think she nailed it!

You can see the video starting out with her mom trying to sneak her camera up over the edge of the car’s front passenger seat. It’s just enough to get the little girl in the view. She started quite shy and reserved but soon loses it with the music and sang out the lyric as if she knows what it meant.

It’s amazing that she has memorized the lyrics to this famous song which I personally find difficult specially the pacing of the song.  Let’s hope that her mom will take more sneaky videos of her singing another country music classic.

Here’s  the original video for your ultimate 90’s throwback.



Then, enjoy this little girl’s cover right here.


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