August 10

‘What She Wants Tonight,’ Another Steamy Tune by Luke Bryan

After moving the release of his latest album from April to August this year, Luke Bryan’s “Born Here, Live Here, Die Here” album is out in the market. With his charismatic stage presence, we could all be assured that Bryan has great music in store for us.

But nothing can be more eye-catching than “What She Wants Tonight.” Bryan has already released the song as a single back in 2019 and has included it as the second track in the album. He co-wrote the song with a group of writers whom he has always wanted to collaborate with. Ross Copperman, Hillary Lindsey, and John Nite all helped out from creating the song’s title to its lyrics.

A Rebound Song?

“What She Wants Tonight” will usher listeners to a different touch of romance. It was not the prototypical romance that was surrounded by an undying devotion for one another. The song deals with a romantic connection that involved a heartbroken woman who is trying to move on from a past relationship and a guy who’s ready to lend a hand for her to leave the past.

Luke Bryan’s “What She wants Tonight” started from the narrator’s point of view about how mesmerized he was by a prospective partner. As the song develops, it’s pretty clear that the woman is in control and that she wants everything.

A Woman in Control

A dream collaboration that came true, Bryan’s “What She Wants Tonight” is a song that all his female listeners would really love. This is thanks to Hillary Lindsey who helped the country music star develop a message that any woman would love to listen to.

“What She Wants Tonight” can be more steamy and exciting than what you have expected. Starting with a wealthy man and a fierce-looking woman, the scene slowly turned into an intimate mood leading you to predict what will happen next. As the song ends, the music video adds yet another twist which reveals that the woman was actually driven by an ulterior motive.

A Reference to His wife?

“What She wants Tonight” brought tons of comparison from the song’s theme to Bryan’s real-life story with his wife. After marrying his wife Caroline Boyer in 2006, Bryan said that his costume was selected by his wife every year, which was pretty rewarding as it brought out eye-catching couple outfits. The country star, however, clarified that Caroline does not make all the calls in their relationship.


Luke Bryan

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