May 7

Three-Year-Old Boy Channels George Strait In His Rendition of “Fireman”

Thud in his wooden chair with his cowboy hat on, a three-year-old boy showed off his charm and put out some fires as he channeled country music legend George Strait, in his adorable rendition of “Fireman.” He gave his mother – who was behind the camera – a sharp countdown of “On three! A one, a one, two, three, go!” before he slammed his tiny, cute hands on his guitar. He started strumming the strings to kick things off and gave an exceptionally lovely performance of Strait’s blazing hit.

“They call me the fireman! That’s my name,” the little cowboy sang while his supportive father helped him with any forgotten lyrics. He later joined the little boy as the song reached its final key – and it’s perhaps the cutest jam you’ll hear today. Of course, our little performer proved he was one gentleman when he stood up, took off his hat, and bowed to his audience.

“Thank you, everybody,” he yells before taking a casual exit.

Behind George Strait’s 1985 Hit Song

Written by Mack Vickery and Wayne Kemp, “The Fireman” is about a very charming man whose wit can cool down any angry woman. He often goes after women that have recently gone through a breakup or those who have been in fights with their lovers.

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It was released in 1985 as the final single off George Strait‘s album, Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind. While the song wasn’t the music legend’s biggest hit, it ranked No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Anyway, you can watch the little tot’s performance in the video below – we’re pretty sure the King of Country would be proud watching this adorable fireman. 


George Strait

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