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November 26, 2020


November 26, 2020


November 26, 2020

Christ Stapleton again owns the headlines and makes sure that you take some time listening to one of his newest creations. Following his two number 1 hit albums, “From A Room Volume 1” and “From A Room Volume 2” released three years ago, Christ Stapleton is back to his hit-making waves with his most recent project “Starting Over.”

“Starting Over”

“Starting Over” has moved over 102,733 units good enough for it to claim the number 3 spot on Billboard’s All-Genre 200 chart. Stapleton’s newest project features 11 songs which he co-penned alongside few covers including John Fogerty’s “Joy Of My Life” and two of Guy Clark’s songs “Worry B Gone” and “Old Friends.”

The album also featured some old faces like J.Y Cure who played the bass, Derek Mixon who played the drums, and of course, his wife Morgane Stapleton who added in vocals and played the tambourine. Some new folks who joined the lines include those who played the guitar, pedal steel. The organ was manned by Mike Campbell, Paul Franklin, and Benmount Tench.

This Was Personal

For over a decade now, Chris Stapleton has risen into the ranks. From a unanimous songwriter to one of the best country artists we have today, Chris Stapleton is by far on the top of the list. But he never stopped creating new and refreshing tunes that can hook a wide array of target audiences. In fact, he made us all think of what truly went into his mind when he released “Starting Over.”

For Stapleton, writing and recording his new project was a way for self-therapy. Dave Cobb, Stapleton’s producer for “Starting Over,” said that everything that is in the record was borne out of honesty. Stapleton would never make you doubt a story. When he says one thing, you could be assured that it is his truth.

Staying true as it could be, Stapleton even wrote about Maggie, the family dog that they had for 14 years. He then wrote “fuzzy black pup” shortly after her death. For Stapleton, Maggie deserves a song after all the years she has been a part of their family.

Through the years of Chris Stapleton recording in the historic RCA Studio A, his writing circle has increased his influence. This resulted in great collaborations like the one he had with Mike Campbell. Campbell co-penned “Watch You Burn,” a song that Stapleton wrote right after the mass killings in Route 91 Harvest in Las Vegas.

Go hear it for yourselves and be astonished at what Chris quotes as “cool.”


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