September 1, 2020

Chris Stapleton Feels Like “Starting Over” Again

Country music star Chris Stapleton is ready to release his 4th studio album this fall. Listed below are the things you need to know about Stapleton’s up and coming album.  

13 Songs Were Handpicked

“Starting Over,” country star Chris Stapleton’s 13th album featured originally penned songs as well as covered songs from selected artists. This includes “Joy of My Life,” by John Fogerty, Guy Clark’s “Worry B Gone” and “Old Friends.” All 13 songs revolved around life’s simplest joys and most serious struggles. Stapleton released the entire tracklisting today.

 Shown below are Stapleton’s entire track listing for “Starting Over.”

Starting Over
Devil Always Made Me Think Twice
When I’m With You
Joy Of My Life
Hillbilly Blood
Maggie’s Song
Whiskey Sunrise
Worry B Gone
Old Friends
Watch You Burn
You Should Probably Leave
Nashville, TN

 “Starting Over”  

Stapleton could not have found a much fitting title track than “Starting Over.” For three years, he has not released any new album and it all seemed like he is starting all over again. But he’s coming back better than ever. Feeling rejuvenated, Stapleton transmits his energy to his newest album where we’ll hear him all fired up and passionate as he delivers his songs.

Fortunately for “Starting Over,” it was completed before everything changed. But it’s interesting to note that the song perfectly fits us despite the fact that it was written prior to our current situation. It depicts how life can be tough and gruesome at times, yet with your loved ones by your side, there is nothing that you couldn’t conquer. Stapleton’s wife will also be featured in his music videos.  

 The official release of Chris Stapleton’s “Starting Over” album will be on the 18th of November. You could also pre-order it now!  

Cancelled Tour Dates

Stapleton’s tour schedule for this year would keep him on the road until October. But due to health protocols, all of Chris Stapleton’s pre-scheduled tours for the rest of the year have been cancelled and moved next year.

Stapleton will be back on the road by April and will end at around the end of November next year. Until then, Stapleton wishes everyone to be safe and healthy.

In addition, Stapleton promises to have a show in Atlanta and an up and coming show in Chicago but will still depend on the MLB 2021 season. It may sound like a long wait, but we’ll still save the date!


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